How To: A Plain But Popular Chignon Make-up

To get started, first tease the hair on the crown part of the head. Then pin a prosthesis on the back and make the chignon on it.
Find the parting of the head and twist two bunches of hair together and hold it fixed on the chignon. In the last step, try to stabilize the chignon using hair spray.


Hello everyone, I'm Sima Soroush. the Dorsima institute director. I'm here with more than 30 years of professional experience. Our motto here has always been " beauty while keeping healthy ". Thus, I've always encouraged my trainees to use premium quality products. so that it won't put the client's heath in danger. Hello, I'm Tajic from Dorsima institute. I'd like to teach you a plain chignon bun style. Dear pals, what you see now is one type of a chignon hairstyle. I do hope you've liked it. To learn more about other various chignon styles. you may dial the available numbers. Thanks for watching.

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