How To: Autumn Make-Up

Wearing make-up is considered an amazing delight for most women. Sometimes facial make-up, in particular, is so desirable that in each season some women tend to appear in different events wearing a make-up which would be suitable to that particular season. Therefore, we recommend watching this tutorial for those women of this kind. Today’s video provides an attractive facial make-up which is the best option to wear during autumns. Actually, it combines warm autumn tone of colours like orange, brown and gold. Enjoy watching it.


Hello to every one of you followers of Rojelab website, Today we're gonna teach you a make-up suitable for the autumn. the first thing to do is brushing the brows. start tiding the brows with a brow primer. pick a pencil in a colour same as your natural brow, start drawing and filling the blank areas. Then, reapply the mascara to the brows and make them a bit glossier and tidier. let's go over the lids after the brows. we'll first get them prepared for receiving make-up. apply the concealer and smear all over lid with a brush. For shading, first pick the orange colour and start applying it from the outer corner and spread it over the tops of the lids with the brush moving in circle. continue the shading to the brow bone.

The next step is put the same shading underneath the eyes. Then, pick a flat tip brush and try to put a tiny tail in the same colour for the shading in the inner corner of the eye. put a lighter orange colour for the rest of the lid's area. and smear it over the lids in tapping motion. in the next, apply a shiny gold colour to the inner corners. to make the eyes look a bit bigger, apply a brown colour to the outer corners and spread thoroughly in that area. put a tailed eye line (continuing to the outer corner), then apply the false lashes. after we're done in the eye make-up, for the last part pick a light orange colour for the lips. thanks a lot for watching the full video.

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