How To: Bridal Chignon Tutorial

First divide the hair into 4 sections including the back, the shell and from one ear to another. Tie the hair on the bottom with a pin and start the chignon from the top.
Make several hair wisps on the top and apply the hairspray. Then make a parting on the top of the head and carry on pulling out hair wisps on the head.
Below, you can watch a full video of this chignon style.

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Greetings to every one of you followers, I'm Parvaneh Habibi from Chatre-gol academy. Today I'm gonna show you a chignon make-up style. I do hope you will enjoy this tutorial. very well, as you see I've divided the hair from one ear to another. as well as the shell and tied the bottom with a hairpin. we'll begin the chignon from the top. make stripes of hair bunches. when we have separated the bunches apart. Then apply the hairspray. after making the parting on the front. We should separate a bunch to use as the belt. you can either pick a bunch and leave it aside. or pick a bunch from under the hair layer while you're making the parting. just note to keep this bunch behind the ear. hold it here with a pin. now I'll start pulling the hair wisps out. apply the spray to the hair wisps. go on making hair wisps like this. For the belting, we first tease the hair bunch that we had left aside. Then comb it. I'll tease it because it will get shaped more easily and look slightly thicker. Then the hairspray.

After the spray and straightening the hair bunch. Then twist it around the one that we had separated on the top. you can put the belts anywhere you'd like. when you have twisted enough, hold it in place by putting a pin under. brush the rest of the hair bunch not the belt ( we're done with fixing that belt). pull hair wisps out of its surface. take the upper part under the lower one. and hold it with a pin. I wanna make another belt with one, that's why I took the lower bunch. I'll slightly tease it. apply the spray. straighten the hair with your hands. tidy it and make it into a flat layer. Then twist it like this. put a pin to hold it on this side. make sure the belt is sitting at the right place, then put a pin to hold it on place. very well, after we have made the belt on this section. we'll do the very same here as we did on the right side. you can make some wisps if you'd like. hang it on the other belt. as I said, first apply the spray on the wisps. the spray helps them stay fixed. pick a bunch from the under to use as the belt.

As I said, we'll tease it to make it more flat so the belt sits more tight on the back. after teasing, apply the spray on both sides of the layer. comb it while holding it on your palm. Then twist it around the other bunch. after twisting, fix the belt in place and hold it with a pin. This is the easiest technique to make belts. you can do the rest in the same way as I explained on the previous side. I didn't put any more belts on this part. now to continue with the hair on the bottom, you can do according to your taste. you can either make it wavy. or twist it around a prosthesis or perm (curl) it. anyway it depends on the client's taste. For this style, I'll do the same style as for the front part. pull out some wisps of hair. hold it with a pin. now apply hairspray on the wisps we pulled out. very well, I'm done with this make-up. I did the bottom part as I explained. now remove the pins when the spray is dried. they are all easily removed. If you feel the hair is gonna collapse on anywhere or become loose on any part, you can leave the pins on the hair. This way, the hair wisps are kept well apart. very well pals, this tutorial is over now, I hope it's been useful for you. To join the instruction courses in Chatr-e-gol academy, dial the numbers provided.

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