How To: Spider And Web Halloween Nail Designs

As we get closer to the Halloween day, there comes more and more various spooky models out there to try for nail design. Therefore, we propose to watch today’s tutorial containing an interesting nail design model for this night.
What you’re about to see includes:
Selection of a base colour
How to use a specifically used brush for drawing nail designs
When and where to apply the top coat
Spider web design creation
How to use design fixing powders


Hello and welcomeToday we're gonna show you a cute naildesign for Halloween. It includes drawing spider webs on the surface. first pick a suitable colour for the background (preferably light orange) and apply to the surface with a nail polish. cover the whole surface evenly with that colour. put several layers of colour to have a thick fixed base. after the polish, apply the top coat to both protect and help the polish dry more quickly. clean the surface with a piece of cloth. now get the brush used for the design and start drawing spider webs on the nail's surface. in the last step apply some fixing powder to the nail. Thanks a lot for watching.

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