Face Makeup Using Baking Method

In this video, a face makeup using Baking method is instructed by the professional artiste Ms. Sara Asgari.


Hello, my name is Sara Asgari, makeup artist and the teacher of Shimer beauty salon.

Today I want to teach a kind of skin substrate using the baking method. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

At first, we start with a primer for dry skin to make the skin rejuvenate and collagenized. apply the primer and wait for 7 minutes to dry completely.

Then we use a primer for open pores. apply it on your cheeks and wait for a few minutes.

Apply the foundation on your forehead, cheeks, and chin then blend with your brush. move your brush towards the facial muscles and lift your skin.

After these steps, we use concealer under the eyes. use a bright concealer for under your eyes, nose and between eyebrows, apply it like a triangle.

Apply some Fixing Powder on your concealer parts.
Then contouring the nose, start to blend and fade it with a brush.

And at the end apply Fixing Powder on your skin.

Baking method is all about making the skin ready and reducing the skin oil. after eye makeup, we can start to contour the face with powder.

This tutorial finishes here.

If you like to participate in our private classes, contact our advisers.

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