How to Have Vivid And Fresh Hairs After Coloring

In this educational video, Ms. Anousheh Shafiee, an instructor at Shayegan Shokouh Company talks about hair color techniques and variations.


Hello Everyone.

I am Anoushe Shafiee, an instructor at Shaygan Shokooh Academy of beauty.

Today I'm gonna talk about the variations of hair color products from Valvar brand.

And I will teach you a technique that our colleagues had to spend a great amount of money and go aboard to learn: how we can make the hair shine the natural way after dye or ombre.

When you use warm hair colors such as bronze, honey color or coffee-brown and your client favors to see shine and brilliance on her hair at the end, with an easy technique, you can give this shine to your client's hair: before rinsing it apply gold variation which is the same
as Shaygan Shokooh E16 variation.

You can combine this variation with some baby shampoo which has Neutral PH. then mix with Valvar 6% Oxidant.

I emphasize that you must apply this liquid before you wash your client's hair.

Dye the hair and pour the mixture on client's hair and massage her head for a few minutes and wait. Then rinse her hair.

This will help the client's hair to become shiny and brilliant. also, your client will be satisfied with the outcome.

Well, as you see the liquid must be watery. Apply the liquid when the hair has dye. massage the hair, wait for the variation and liquid to do its magic on your hair and make a shiny form. Then you can rinse it.

Certainly, use Valvar softener and hair mask to restore the hair, preserve to the original form, and of course, you will have the shine.

This is the secret that you asked us several times. Numerous people have to go abroad and spend a lot of money to learn it.

Well, I try to bring up an important point in this video which nowadays attracted everyone's attention as a big question.

I am sure Valvar brand will soon become a very popular brand, because it is now the best in quality and many famous stylists will use Valvar. This is why many of our lovely clients ask for Valvar products.

I wish the best also for you. have a great time!

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