What Are The Benefits of Getting a Degree of Care And Beauty?

In this video, Ms. Shafiee, the director of the Shafiee School of Hair and beauty, explains the benefits of obtaining a degree in care and beauty. For more information, call 02144950824-02144950825.
Ms. Shafiee's hairdressing salon with an experienced staff is ready to provide the best services to the ladies.


Hello to all of you dears who are the companions of beauty and care and educational center of Bano Shafie
our aim of this video is to give you some guidance, if you look for a suitable major with a high income.

If you would like to get the degrees of beauty care, please be arware that.

This major has more than 70 majors
it includes general, specialized and upper-specialized courses.

The advantages of getting these degrees for the ones who do not have any deploma are that
they can consult education office and get the equivalent degree.

These degrees can be translated and has international values
they can also use these degrees to self employ inside the country and foreign countries
by getting these degrees you can get the self-employed loans
another advantage of these degrees is that you can work as a hairdresser in salons or
you can work practically and scientifically as a specialized trainer in educational centers
the ones who would like to establish a salon.

For sure they need the general degree of makeup and hairdressing and if they decide to establish a more specialized center
certainly, they need to take action for achieving specialized degree.

The ones who are interested in working on the cultural aspect of this field
they can take actions for establishing educational centers
in this center, Bano shafie educational center, we give you guidance to reach your goals with free counceling in person.

Good luck to all of you dears.

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