Beautiful Bridal Makeup

In this tutorial, you will watch as we apply bridal makeup to a model. To join our classes over at sharareh vahedi Beauty Salon, please contact us at 09198486797,


Greetings and thank you for being here with us at Shokoofe Baran Beauty Salon. Today we’re here with a tutorial on bridal makeups. My colleague will now start performing the makeup gradually for you to see. It’s worth noting that this is the third session that we are working on our client here and facial cleansing has already been performed in previous sessions. This will help with absorption and application of the makeup.

We will start our work by applying the foundation on the face to normalize it and prepare it for other steps. First, let’s apply the foundation on the upper eyelids. At this point, we have to apply a lighter shadow on the eyelids. As I’ve said before, the closer you get to the inner edges of the eye, the lighter your shades should get. We will also apply the same colors under the eyelids. As you can see, we are almost done with our eye makeup. The only item that remains is applying a shine on the eyelids.

We also applied a powder cream and fixing powder to the face. At this point, we have to wait a while for the fixing powder to stabilize on the face and then we can move on to contouring. Let’s start our contouring process by adding darker shades to the places we want to make less visible and lighter ones around them. We will then fade these shades so there are no lines visible on the face and all you see are shadows. By applying a darker shade under the cheeks, we can make them look more prominent. All the other parts of the face that we want to make more visible is covered using a lighter shade. Darker shades make the areas look less prominent or smaller, and lighter ones make them look more prominent.

This is why after applying a darker shade on the cheeks. We are going to apply a lighter one above it. There’s mainly two types of contouring for face makeup. You can use either a pen or powder. For the sake of this tutorial, we used both tools. The first stage of the contouring was applied using shading pens and the rest is applied with a brush and powder. Therefore, we will cover the places we want to be less visible with a darker shade and the rest of the face using lighter ones. We continue our process on the chin and under it to normalize the face. Since a standard face is described mainly as an oval face, we will do all we can to form the face with attention to that structure. For faces that are unusually long, we can apply contouring to the forehead to make the face look oval. Luckily, our client has a rather standard face and we don’t need to apply any contouring to the forehead.

We usually try to focus on normalizing the face by working on the jaw, under the cheeks, and below the chin. At this point, we have to attach our fake lashes. There are different types of false lashes available. Here we are going to use a rich strip lash that can make your eyes look very beautiful. However, you can also use flare lashes if you want
Just remember that you must attach flare lashes before applying the shadowing for the eyes.

However, strip lashes are usually attacked at the end of the process. You can use a two-ply strip lash or half of them. Half strip lashes are attached to the outer half of the eyelashes. You can use two layers of these half lashes as well. Keep in mind that if you decided to use two layers of these lashes, don’t attack both layers directly on top of each other. Move the second false lash 5 or 6 millimeters towards the middle and then attach it.

As you can see, we are almost done with our bridal makeup. At the point, we apply lipstick and lip liner. Pay attention to the eyeshadow when choosing and applying your lipstick. If the eyeshadow is shiny and bold, then use lipstick with light colors, even if with a shine. However, if the eyeshadow is lighter, use a darker color for your lipstick.

Our makeup is now over. I hope you have enjoyed it. This is a sample of our teaching sessions over at Shokoofe Baran Beauty Salon. We will be more than happy to meet you at our sessions. To join our classes for beginners or Q&A sessions, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. You can either come to us in person or ask your questions by sending us messages. Professionals teach all of our classes and you will receive a valid certification after the conclusion of the class.

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