How To: High Chignon Bun

In this tutorial, you’ll learn a new high chignon bun.



For a high chignon bun, first, separate the hair from one ear to another. Separate a direct line from the top of the ear and continue separating the hair on the line to the other side. Separate the hair from one ear to another. Go from top of the ear to the top of the head and gather the hair to close with a hairband. This is where we want out chignon to be. However, separate the hair from the middle of the ear and separate the hair in a direct line to separate the hair on the bottom. This is where we want to design the hair. For this model, we have to separate a bit of hair from the side of the hair as well. Meaning, after separating the hair on the side of the ear, also separate a line on the side and do the same for the other side. Brush the hair completely upward. Apply styling spray around it. Brush it to clean the work and wrap the hair with a hairband.

Now let's work on the bottom. Separate the hair into two parts. Now hold one part of the hair plus the part on the side that we separated. Tease the hair very slightly on the inside and brush the hair on the outside. Put it on the hairband and fix it with a hairpin. Grab a bit of hair cream and start creating the lines from below the hair and in line with the angle of the hair. Pull the hair from the root. Don't pull so much so to show below the batch. Just pull the hair from the surface. Create the line and go toward the hairband. To dry the hair use your styling spray in a controlled fashion and spray the hair slightly. Blow on the hair to dry it. Now the next line, move parallel to the first one and pull the hair from the root. The part of the hair on the upper right won't be visible, but if it was I would have added lines there as well. Just keep creating lines on the other parts. Keep the hair in your hand and fix it near the hairband.

Now mirror the design on this part, on the other side as well. After mirroring the design on the other side, add a hair clipper to hold the hair and not get loose. Now let's move to the top of the hair. Brush the hair. Separate the hair from the arch of the eyebrow to get a rectangle shaped patch of hair on the top the size of your open palm. Separate the hair from the split line wherever it was. Separate the split line in a zigzag form. Put the hair back. Separate the hair into two parts again. Let a bit of hair hang in front of the face from whichever part you prefer. Hold the hair up and start teasing. Apply styling spray. Brush the hair on the surface but be careful not to brush deep. Widen the hair and put the bottom of the layer on top. Start adding lines starting from the root. To add the lines hold the hair close to the root, pull it, and create a line on the surface of the hair. Blow the hair to dry the styling spray you applied. Apply small amounts of styling spray. Now the next line, pull from the root and create the line to the stem. To make the line more prominent, hold the hair in your hand in the style you want, add some styling spray and blow it.

For the next layer, brush and tease the hair. Brush the hair on the surface. The second layer must be between the first layer I made and the layer in the back of the head that we formed in the beginning. Brush the surface of the hair. Brush it with the tail of your brush and widen the hair. Now start creating your lines from the lowest part of the layer. Pull the hair from the root but not too deep, pull the hair from the surface. Use a hairpin to attach the lower part of the layer to the rest of the hair to make sure it doesn't detach itself. Wrap the bottom of both layers. Use a hairpin to fix the hair close to the hairband.

For the next layer, separate the hair in line with the eyebrow arch. Hold the hair in your hand and hold it up. Start at the farthest side of the layer and create lines on the hair. Dry the hair. Create the fourth line also from the root. Pull the hair and dry it by blowing on it. After creating your lines, fix the hair completely using a hairpin close to the hairband. Let a small layer hang in the face and separate the hair into two parts. Tease the hair and mirror the design on the other side here. The entire ponytail goes to the center of the head. I've created a prosthetic and I'm going to put it under the ponytail to cover a wide circumference to cover around the ponytail. The size of the prosthetic depends on what you like. If you want a big chignon you can use a big prosthetic and for a smaller chignon use a smaller one.

When the prosthetic is fixed firmly in place, separate the hair into five parts. However, since we have little hair here, I'll have to use an extension. Hold the hair down with a hairpin. When I'm done separating the hair into five batches, I'm going to add extensions to each part. If the client doesn't have enough hair, you can use extensions instead of these five layers. If they do have hair, then separate the hair into these five layers and then add the extensions on top of each layer. I'll use a smaller prosthetic for the top. Apply some styling spray to your prosthetic and dry it. Now we can remove the hairpins we used to separate the hair.

Now start from the first layer. Brush the hair to make sure there is no tangled hair. Separate the layer into two parts and hold one of them. Tease fifteen to twenty centimeters of the hair. Apply your styling spray from a distant five times. Apply it to the surface, back, and blow the hair to dry it. After it's dry, twist it around your finger. Hold it and use a hairpin to fix the edges of the hair in place. Hold the center of your flower with hairpins, add a little hair cream and wrap the rest of the hair around it. As we are wrapping the hair, we have to widen it a bit as well to make it look better. Keep the rest of the hair. Now move to the next part. We have to do the same for all five parts.

Since I had five parts and made one flower, I have to do the same process for the other four. Brush the hair from the top and add some hair cream to the hair. Now widen the hair and put it under your flower. Pull and go between the two flowers and move upward and situate the hair on the prosthetic. Use a hairpin to fix the hair in place. Bring the hair up and brush the hair from the top. Widen the hair and go to the center of the head. Again, use hairpins to fix the hair. Bring the hair down between the two flowers. Repeat this process five times.

We have to repeat this process for all parts of the hair as you can see here. I've kept the fifth layer of hair here so I can do it for you. Before doing this, I'll remove the hairpins here. Brush the hair, like before, and make sure there are no tangles. Widen the hair like a wave and bring it up. Now the rest of this hair must go under this part here and come out from the back
I put my hand under this wavy and pull the other layer out. I'll come back and show you the finished work.

This concludes our tutorial for this chignon. To join our classes, please contact us using the numbers in the description.

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