Beautiful New Flower Chignon

In this tutorial, we’ll show you a new and beautiful chignon.


Before anything, I brush the hair and style the whole hair. Now to separate the hair let's start from one ear to another. Separate the hair on one ear and continue in a direct line to the other side of the head. For the crown go on a direct line on the back of the skull, separate this part of the hair, and hold it in place. Keep the rest of the hair in the back, add some styling spray and hold it in place with a hairband.

Go back to the crown, find the line separating the crown from the hair above your ear, and create a zigzag line. Do the same for the other side of the head. Separate the hair with a zigzag movement and put the hair on the ears aside. Hold the hair in your hand, brush it, then put it toward the hairband and twist it slightly. Now start creating lines from the middle of the hair using hair cream. Pull the hair from the top of the head starting at the root. The lines should get smaller the closer to the end of the hair you get. Apply a little styling spray and blow it to dry. Off to the next line. Choose a line from the zigzags you made and start pulling the hair from the root.

After creating all our lines, it's time to dry the hair. We have to dry all the lines before fixing them and moving to the next part. Use a wide brush to style between the lines if you need to. I apply styling spray to all the lines and dry them. Now that we're done with our lines let's move to the side. Separate layers of hair from the side of the face. Tease it slightly. Separate your layers vertically and tease them. Hold the hair in your hand and keep in mind that the layer close to the crown should touch the hair on this part completely and cover it. Twist the hair and bring it on the hairband in the back.

Now start adding lines to the hair starting at the side of the face. The first layer, which is the uppermost layer of hair, should be pulled up. Pull the hair towards the hairband and fix it in place. Pull on the stem of the hair at the end a little to make the lines more prominent. Separate a batch of hair in the form of a triangle from the top of the hair. Brush the hair completely and start creating your lines. First layer… second layer… third layer… and then fourth. Now I'm going to spray them with styling spray and dry them off. Let's use our styling spray.

Choose the next layer from any part of the hair and let it hang on the face. Brush the hair. Pull the front of the hair from the root up a little. Apply styling spray to dry the hair, brush it, widen it and fix it in place. Now let's start adding lines to the batch we just separated. Again, pull the hair starting at the roots, create the lines and then use styling spray to dry them. Now fix the batch. For the next part, brush the hair. Widen it by pulling it towards the face and then bring it on the hairband. Now twist the hair and fix it. Start adding lines to the hair from the lowest layer. Pull the hair starting from the root to create your lines and then use styling spray to dry them. For the part in the back, I'm going to use a hair extension to make the hair longer. Form the extension, bring it under the hair, and attach it to the hair using hairpins.

Let's start teasing all of our hair. Tease the hair for every layer from above and below. Widen the hair and tease the hair extension. Now twist the hair. You can use prosthetics to make this part looks larger. Use a prosthetic under the hair and then widen the hair to cover the prosthetic. You can use a bigger or smaller prosthetic. I keep twisting the hair as I brush it. Twist the hair completely. Now start adding lines on the surface. Continue the lines until you reach the prosthetic. Use a hairpin to hold the prosthetic in place.

After the lines are added. Hold the end of the hair, twist it and add a hairpin to hold it. Add another hairpin in the opposite direction to prevent the hair from unraveling. Again, brush the hair thoroughly without ruining the twist and twist it again. Now start teasing the hair from below. After teasing, twist the hair again. Create lines and continue twisting the hair as you do.

Attach an extension on top of the hair and fix it with a pin. Tease fifteen to twenty centimeters of hair. Brush the surface and then spray the hair. I'll do this five times and after each time blow on the hair to make sure it's dry. The styling spray should be added to the hair from a distant. Twist the hair around your finger and hold it using a hairpin. Continue twisting the hair around on top of the prosthetic. Just make sure that the hair is completely situated on the prosthetic. To prevent the flower I'm making from getting too big, I stop when I reach the middle of the hair. Hold it in place and then brush it to make sure there are no knots and now twist it once. Bring it up, pull the hair and create the petal for your hair. Retract the rest of the hair.

For the next batch, make sure there are no knots in the hair and then separate it into two parts. Twist the two parts together loosely and pull one side of the hair. Make sure to pull equally on each side and now twist it around the flower. Use hairpins to hold each petal in place until it's dry. Twist the rest of the hair, pull on one side to create the rest of the petals. Put it under the rest of the hair. Now start fixing the hair. I'm going to add another flower in the middle and I'll come back to show you the result.

This concludes our tutorial. To join our classes at Faranak Academy, please call us at the numbers presented in the description.

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