How To: Platinum Blond Bleach

In this tutorial, you can see a hair bleach in level 10 and the differences between lower bleach levels and also color characteristics. This video is provided by Mrs. Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol academy. To join our classes, you can contact us at .


Greetings. I’m Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol Academy. I’m a hair stylist and hair, dye expert. Today I’m here with a tutorial on hair dye. More specifically, we’re going to talk about the correct way to bleach your hair to a certain level and how you should go about bleaching your hair in general.

Here, I’m using Val var’s blue decoloring powder. This is a powerful bleach with high potency. I’ve poured one cup of the decoloring powder and I’m going to use the same amount of 9 percent or number 2 Val var oxidant. This organic oxidant can greatly reduce damage to the hair. Still, it’s a thick product. This thickness will help reduce bubbling or foaming during mixture and it’s especially important when you are using foils in your bleaching process.

Mix the products thoroughly. There should be no clot in your mixture and it should look completely unified. Keep stirring and mixing for three minutes. This is how your resulting formula should look like. Otherwise, if it's more diluted, the foil will slip after adding the product or the formula will leak and stain the hair roots and cause the problems that most makeup students face.

Now let’s look at the techniques for adding the product to the hair. I have a few batches of hair here. These are the batches I’ve lightened using dye and this is natural hair. When we are working with foils, the color of the client’s hair is of great importance. If this is the hair color you’re working on, and it’s been lightened using dye, we call it a hair on level 5 or 6. It’s obvious that this light hair will bleach much faster than this dark hair here. Decoloring level point to the degree of bleaching you want to reach on a hair.

I’m going to add my formula to each of these batches and show you different levels of bleach step by step. Make sure to widen your hair on the foil before adding the formula, because of you have a thick layer of hair on the foil, the formula will not reach the lower layers of hair and your bleach will look uneven. The most important part in wrapping hair in foil is opening the hair so it’s a thin layer on the foil and adding the formula all over it.

One of the advantages of Val Var products is that it doesn’t have any smell or lots of free particles to create dust so it won’t bother you. When we’ve added to formula across the hair and made sure that all the hair is covered with the product, we have to close the foil. To close the foil, bend it in the middle and push on the margin to prevent it from opening again. I will show you this process on a model of hair as well. Don’t heat the foils, because it can damage the hair. I’m going to continue my work and add the formula to all of these batches and come back to show you the different degrees of bleach applied to each one.

I’ve opened the foils and I’m going to tell you the different levels of bleach now. This one a level 5. At level 5 you have lots of orange in your hair and you can see the orange tone in the hair. The next layer has been bleached to a level 6 where you see less orange on the hair. When you let the formula remain on the hair for a longer period, you’ll reduce the orange color, you’ll get more yellow instead, and you see a level 7. In your level 8, there’s no more of that orange color and you’ll see more yellow. When you reach a level 9, you no longer have any color pigments whether yellow or orange. At this level, you have completely platinum blond hair without any pigments.

When you have no color on your hair, it will accept any pigment you apply to it in the best way possible. But in lower degrees of bleach, like 5,6 and 7, you have to pay attention to the background colors and use neutralizers and supplements. For example, if you have a hair bleached to a level 5 where you have lots of orange in your hair, you can use a dye up to level 5 or 6, or the family of gray color, because it contains blue pigments and can neutralize orange. Therefore, knowing decoloring degrees is essential for anyone working with hair formula so they can implement any form of a dye such as Ombre, highlight or a dye in the best possible way.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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