How To: Bleach And Tone, Level 10

Check out this brilliant guide to pre-lightening hair to level 10. You must know that in order to get light blond hair, we’re gonna have to lift it to level 10 first. Having said that, this tutorial gives you fairly all you need to know about how you can do it yourself at home. However, it is recommended that you not bleach your hair on your own unless you’re a professional colourist and visit a beauty salon instead.


Hello everyone, Today I'm gonna give you full instructions on how to get your hair colour bleaching to level 10. If you're familiar with basics of bleaching hair, you should know that hair first needs to be pre-lightened to level 10 for most fantasy light shades such as light blonde or gelatin blonde. This means that we have to remove the dark pigments of hair colour and turn it white so that the dye can easily settle into the hair cortex. keep in mind that bleaching hair is not really as easy as it sounds to be and has to be performed by a hair colourist. otherwise, you might cause irreparable damages to your hair. that's why many may have some trouble bleaching hair and bringing it to level 10. well, oxygen shock is the most efficient way of getting hair to level 10 without causing any damages. now what's oxygen shock!. I must say that it's impossible to get dark hair to level 10 in just one single bleaching step.

It requires two stages of bleaching and sometimes it could be three stages considering the renewal of applying material and a repeat of bleaching. it is such that the hair is brought to level 4 in step one, then to a few levels higher in the next and finally it reaches the level 10 in the last step. to get started, we need to blend the bleaching powder with a 9% oxidant (developer). you could also use a 12% oxidant with respect to the thickness of your hair. however my advice is that although it may take a bit longer when using a 9% oxidant, the result you get will be much more satisfactory with no possible damages. there are some hair types which tend to show better coloruablity. For these types, we're allowed to use the oxygen shock technique to lighten the hair to level 10. 12% oxidants, or the so-called oxidants of 40 volume, can be applied in 2-step dying processes to lighten hair without bleaching.

It can also be used in tint mixtures with contrast colours, highlighting as well as dark hair decoupage. If you're using a 12% oxidant for lightening hair, for the renewal we must use a 9% oxidant and a blue bleaching powder. you need the following steps to do an oxygen shock: . the hair gets nearly to the level 10 using the 9% oxidant in the first step. Then, spray cold water to the hair to give it a shock, making it possible for the yellowish pigments inside the hair cortex to move to the surface and be released off the hair. after the yellowish pigments are removed, re-apply the bleaching material to hair. wait 5-10 minutes for the hair to reach level 10. Then, you can dye your hair. how to get black hair to level 10. If your hair happens to be too black in colour, lightening it to white can't be a good idea for you, besides, it's a lot hassle. you'd better gradually get it to lighter shades and apply bleaching material afterwards.

How much oxidant is needed to get to level 10?. to avoid excessive damages to hair, remember not to make the hair too white. the amount of oxidant required varies based on the hair colour you're looking to have. oxidants of 20 volume. they are used on light hair or already whitened hair. oxidants of 30 volume. This oxidant is normally used on brown hair and is applied in the first step when the hair still contains its natural colour pigments. oxidants of 40 volume. This one is used on naturally dark hair. now many people may be wondering if it's possible to whiten hair using natural material. If you'd rather not use any bleaching material to avoid damages to your hair. you can try using some natural substances to fairly lighten your hair. but don't expect to achieve a level 10. If you wanna keep your hair from any damages, you can apply natural substances instead of chemical dyes and oxidants.

But remember that you can't get your hair completely white using natural substances. however, thins such as chamomile and lemon juice may get your hair a few shades lighter but they can never lighten it to level 10. If you contemplate bleaching your hair on your own at home and get it to level 10. I suggest you stick to the following tips on how to do it yourself. you need to remember that you must start applying the bleaching material to your hair on the back. also, you must put the brush on the middle length of hair and then move towards the roots. This is because your hair is more colourable on the middle length than near the roots. check on your hair 5 minutes after you finish applying the bleaching material. If you fail to observe any changes in the colour of your hair, shortly start washing the material off your hair. This may be a sign that apart from causing damages, it is quite pointless to keep it on your hair. in most cases, bleaching material should take effect after a few minutes. that's when we say the hair goes pale in colour.

But if your hair continues not to show any signs of changes in colour after five minutes, this means the material you've used is not of good quality. always apply the material to hair from the middle length down to 1 cm of the scalp. wait 5 to 10 minutes based on the colourablity of your hair, then start dyeing the roots so that you get a smooth bleaching level on your hair with a seamless shade of colour. don't forget to check on your hair 20 minutes after application of material. it can cause burns to hair texture if the bleaching material stays for too long. your hair needs much more care after bleaching it. We suggest using fortifying hair masks for bleached hair. apply some to hair in the middle length and massage well before rinsing. to avoid the appearance of yellow tones on hair after bleaching, try using anti-yellow shampoos. a silver mixtone for blonde hair of cold level and a golden mixtone for a warm level blond could be a great help to achieve charming cute dyed hair. I hope you liked this tutorial.

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