How To: Bake Your Face

In this brief video, we’ll teach you how to bake your face. This video is provided by Mrs. Sara Asgari. To join our classes, or to book our.


For every face makeup, it’s better to start with the makeup foundation first. In order to achieve this, add some primer to the face and distribute it well. Now choose a suitable color of cream powder and apply it to the face. You can use a concealer under the eyes.

Choose a dark shadow and apply it to the outer edges of the eyes. Now using a lighter color, add the makeup on the eyelids. Fade the colors thoroughly and draw the eyeliner. For the next step, attach the false eyelashes. Keep in mind that the best choice for eyelashes is individual false eyelashes.

After designing the eyebrow and adding cheek blusher, it’s time to add the lipstick. First, draw the lip lines using the makeup pen. Now use a similar color of lipstick to fill the inside of the lips. You can put a clean tissue on the lips to absorb some of the lipstick and then add another layer of lipstick to expand its lifetime.

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