How To: Eye Makeup

In this brief video, we want to teach you the correct way to apply lip makeup with Grimas products. To contact our academic center please call 02149163000, and to order Grimas products, please contact us at 09126954939.


In the first step, which is applying makeup to the eyes, it’s better to create a foundation first so the makeup lasts longer. To do this, you can mix G0 camouflage with J3 cover cream. Then use medium brown color for the eyelids. Choose a darker color and apply it to the outer edge of the eyes.

You can use Grimas pearlite to give some shine and a more prominent look to the shadow you applied. Fade the lines between the colors and then attach the false eyelashes. Then apply your eyeliner and apply mascara to the eyelashes. If you want your eyeliner to have more shine, mix some cleansing solution with pearlite and apply it to the eyelids.

To buy Grimas products, or to join our classes and conferences, please contact us with the numbers provided in the description.

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