Introducing Micro Scalp Treatment

In this brief video, we try to introduce you to Iran Scalp Academy.


Because of the advantages of Micro Scalp in comparison with Hair Transplants, it has become more and more popular during recent times. Aside from the high cost of Hair Transplants, these procedures also include other hidden costs as well. These costs could include different tests before the transplantation procedure, laser therapy, and expensive hair products. This is while the Micro Scalp procedure doesn’t need any prior testing, laser therapy, or expensive products. The healing process takes much shorter than a Hair Transplant procedure as well.

Another point you must consider is the severity of the Hair Transplant surgery, which most often is painful, take a lot longer to heal, and complicated to care for. Micro Scalp is a fast-yield procedure that doesn’t require much maintenance. For example, after a Hair Transplant procedure, you won’t be able to scratch your scalp for at least two months. This is while the same situation lasts only three days with a Micro Scalp technique.

If you are also affected by hair loss and are looking for a way to treat this problem, you can contact Iran Scalp Academy using the information provided in the video and the description below.

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