How To: Applying Eye Shadow

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the correct way to apply eye makeup using Grimas products. To call our academic center please call 02149163000 and if you want to order Grimas products, please contact us at 0912 6954939.


Greetings. Today I’m here with a tutorial on a new eye shadow. I hope you will enjoy this video.

Let’s use our spatula to pick some of our B1 makeup cream and 001 camouflage. If I want the foundation for the shadow to last longer so I can keep the makeup on for a longer period,
Then the camouflage should be a larger portion compared to the makeup cream. When the camouflage and makeup cream are mixed thoroughly, I can use an M8 or M10 brush from Grimas to apply it to the eyelids.

We want to use water makeup palette A for our eyeshadow today. Also, I’ll use a bit of pearl water makeup for the inner edge of the eyes. Dab your brush in water, then roll the brush in the pear water makeup and apply it to the eyes.

Now I want to use my pearl eyeshadow palette, pearlite 756, eyeshadow rouge 101, and eyeshadow palette to apply the eye shadow. I’m going to use jujube color, pearlite 756, and black eyeshadow.

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