How To: Arabic Style Make-up

There are several different trendy Arabic make-up styles. It could be too heavy and strong or medium or light and simple. Note that it’s possible to use both dark and vivid colours in all the above-mentioned 3 types. However, the Arabic style is known for its strong and glowing colours across the world.
There are some important factors in this style such as the distance between the eyes and the brows and the skin and eyes colour. If that gap is wide enough and the lid is of the standard size, then the heavy Arabic style is suitable to this type of face.
Arabic style requires a special skill. A professional stylist tries to perform this make-up with using dark colours to give utmost attraction to the client’s face without making it look older. Having all those qualities, Ms. Ghasemnejad offers reasonable services for Arabic style make-up.


Hello and welcome. you see an Arabic style make-up on this face. It cab be in dark or light shade of colours, however the Arabic style is mostly known for using strong dark colours. This style provides best attraction for all parts of face, while they won't look too older or unnatural. It requires a skillful stylist to ensure all those qualities. therefore, we recommend Ms. Ghasemnejad as a versatile expert to refer to for a make-up.

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