How To: Skin Cleansing Before Applying Makeup

In this tutorial, you will learn more about the correct methods and timing for facial cleansing and makeup. This video was provided by Mrs. Ghasemnezhad. To join our classes, please contact us at 09029024848, or 09124340985.


Greetings. I am Ghasemnezhad. I am a makeup artist and makeup instructor. Up until now, I have spoken about face anatomy, beauty, and makeup, but because of your request about dealing with skin defects and ways to counter them,
Today I want to talk to you about skincare. You should keep in mind that some facial skin defects cannot be resolved the day before a ceremony and we should start working to resolve them when we are giving the client consult, which can start a month or at least a week before the ceremony.

What I want to show you today should be applied the face ten days before the final makeup. In this process, we aim to address problems, which are not specific to one night or one ceremony. Issues such as the black ring around the eyes, dryness or oiliness of the T-zone, severe acne, pimples or boils, dark spots on the skin, or minor skin diseases which spread on the skin and cause ruggedness across the skin, and open pores should be taken care of before the actual makeup process.

Because of the dry T-zone and inflammation in some areas of the face, I have to prepare my model before the day of the ceremony. I have decided to use a hydrating and hydro-dermal package on my client to moisturize the skin which I will first apply to the model and explain the process to you at the end.

After removing the mask from the face, it is time to apply or final cream product, which can contain a different concentration of required material to nourish the skin. After that, we have to use a high-quality sunscreen to protect the skin from direct sunlight and even light from fluorescent lights and the like. After applying the final concentrated product and moisturizer to the skin, I will use a powerful sunscreen.

Whatever we needed to apply to the skin to decrease dryness and close the skin pores have been applied. We’ve applied skin cleansers and stabilized the skin PH. I also used a pealing enzyme to remove the layer of dead skin cells without damaging the tissue and the material contained moisturizers to prevent inflammation or dryness after the scrubbing process. Then we used seedless scrubs. Next, we used a moisturizing serum and a suitable concentrated formula, which not only provided the required moisturizers but also lifted the skin to a degree.

For the next step, I applied a skin-lightening mask, which lightened the skin many degrees, and at the end, I applied the final face cream. Now the skin is completely clean, lightened and clear and is ready for makeup. You must reach this level and apply all these techniques to the face at least three days before you have to apply the final makeup. You should recommend the correct home care procedures to the client to use at home and then we can use the final concentrated formulas and lifting products on the morning of the ceremony. My work is now finished and I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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