How To: GRIMAS Pearlite Use

Grimas Pearlite is a coloured high-gloss powder which can be applied in either dry form or liquid form (mixed with Grimas Cleansing Lotion).
Put a few drops of cleansing lotion on the pearlite powder and mix them well together, then apply the liquid to the lids with the M6 brush.
Pearlite is also used for cheeks highlighting, it can be applied to the cheekbones with a highlight fan brush. Moreover, it can be applied to the lips as a top layer to give them a better glossy look.


Today I'm gonna show you how to use GRIMAS pearlite powder. For the shadow, add a few drops of cleansing lotion to the pearlite 723 and apply to the inner corner of the eye with the M6 brush. pearlite is an awesome high-gloss powder which is applied in dry form or mixed with cleansing lotion. use the GRIMAS IMW6 highlighter fan brush to highlight the tops of the cheeks. and in the last step, you can mix the pearlites together and apply to the lips with SL6 brush to make them look glossy.

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