How To: Easy Lip Contouring

This item focuses on how you can perform a lip contouring without having to use too dark colours which sometimes cause the make-up to look a bit flashy and therefore unattractive. Dorsa, from Rojelab website, will show you the proper way of applying the lip liner and the lipstick so that it leaves you with gorgeous plump-looking lips. So stay tuned…!


Hello everyone, This is Dorsa from Rojelab website. Today I'm gonna teach you how to contour your lips and how to make them look plumper. I'll also show you how to apply the lip liner properly and to use the lipstick to make your lips look bigger without making it too unnatural. well, the first thing to do for contouring is pick a tiny shading brush. and take some dark colour powder which you use for your contouring. as you see I've put some to the edge of this brush. remember that it must be in powder form or you can also use suntan powders. take a tiny amount of this and apply to underneath your lip in the middle. again remember that it shouldn't be too intense or it makes it look a bit garish and unpleasant.

This will make the lower lip look a bit larger. now I'll pick a bright colour for the corners of my lips. I've picked some light colour but It's not visible to you, you can use light pancakes or shading colours. but don't forget to make sure the powder is thoroughly opaque and free of any acrylics. well, I've picked some light colour, you can do it using a brush or if there's no brush at hand, you can also use a cotton swab to pick some colour. Then apply it to these corners underneath your lip. you can use your finger to remove any excess colour off your skin so that you haven't applied too much colour. I'll also apply some light colour to above the upper lip right in the middle. just like this.

Note that you don't have to use too much colour to have a more noticeable contouring. quite the contrary, if you use much less colour but do it properly with the dark and light colours applied exactly to their right place in contouring. Then It will give a much prettier result than using too much amount of colour which gives an unpleasant effect to your contouring. well, the next step is applying the lip liner. I'm gonna use a lip liner the same colour as my lips cause I don't like them to look too unnatural. so I got this pencil which is the same colour as my lips and start drawing the lines neither too far nor too close to the lips. after I'm done with putting the lip lines. before wearing the lipstick, apply this lip liner to all over the lips once so that the lipstick lasts for a longer time.

After covering the lips thoroughly with lip liner, I'll now put on the lipstick. This time you can pick the colour of your choice for the lipstick, but you can't use colours that are too dark. however, I suggest using the same colour as the lip liner. the lipstick I'm gonna wear comes with a bit glitter, I'll use this pad, you can either use a brush or apply it with the lipstick itself. well, I've put the lipstick on, try to apply it evenly all over the lip's surface. don't forget to cover the inner parts, so that while laughing, the whole lips will look the same colour. well, I hope you liked this tutorial, can't wait to see you till the next item, Good Luck.

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