How to Draw Eyeliner With Glue

In this Video, we will demonstrate the rigt way to draw eyeliner with glue


Hello everyone, This is Dorsa from Rojelab website, Today I'm gonna show you how to apply eyeliner using tapes. you can use either paper tapes or glass tapes. These steps will help you out in the lift up of the eyeliner to have perfectly straight ends for both eyes, this way they will both look fairly the same. Now I'll stick the tape at the outer corner of my eye. the angle at which you must stick the tape depends on your eye's shape and the type of eyeliner you like to put. I stuck it upwards because I want to put an extended winged eyeliner. I've picked a liquid eyeliner pen. I'll start drawing from the inner corner and end it near one third the length of the lid.

Then start drawing from the outer corner and join the previous line in the middle. now I'll draw a line along the edge of the tape. In this technique, thanks to the tape, you can obtain a pretty smooth line even if it's your first time doing an eyeliner. as you see, there's a smudge of eyeliner on the tape. but when I remove the tape, you can see the eyeliner tail is completely smooth. you can also further extend the line if you like. or you can just draw it short and stop right there, it's just a personal taste. I drew it a bit wider, as some people would like to have wide cat eyeliners. This cat eyeliner best suits almond-shaped long eyes. It's also good for those with droopy eyelids as it makes their eyes look wider.

Well, I'll now stick a tape at the corner of my other eye just like the first one. remember to stick it underneath the lower lash line so that it won't break off your lashes. right-handers usually find it difficult to draw eyeliner for their left eye, so I suggest they hold their hands in a position like this while drawing the lines. well, I've completed my eyeliner for both eyes, now I'll gently remove the tape. as you can see, they are both perfectly straight at ends, I intentionally wanted it to be a bit wider so that you can get familiar with this method for doing eyeliners. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, See you for the next items, Good Luck.

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