How to Draw Eyeliner With a Marker

In this Video you can see how to draw eyeliner with a marker


Hello everyone, This is Dorsa from Rojelab website, Today I'm gonna be showing you how to apply eye lines with liquid pencil eyeliners. I've shown you how to use liquid eyeliners before, but now I want to teach you the way to use a liquid PENCIL eyeliner which has a round end and is best for beginners. These liquid pencil eyeliners are available in various types on the market. they can have both narrow and wide tips, but it's no different anyway, you can use whichever you feel comfortable with.

One more thing is that where to start drawing the line will depend on your personal taste, you can begin from wherever you always do. I always start from the inner corner moving on halfway along the lashes, then complete it by drawing from the outer corner towards inside the lid. while there are many who tend to start from the middle moving outwards, then connect the inner corner to the outer corner. now I'll start drawing from the inner corner. and always try to draw a thin line and then make it thicker, if you draw it wide from the beginning, it would be then a bit hard to smooth out the lines. well, I've covered two thirds the length of the lid.

Then, since I want my eyeliner to be upturned to make my eyes look a bit longer, I'll put an angular line right from here. Then, I'll connect it to the previous line. you can also extend the tail of your eyeliner based on what eye shape you have. as I said I usually extend it a bit upwards to make eyes look longer and more attractive. This technique is great help specially for those with droopy eyelids at the outer corner. well, I'll show the result once I have completed both my eyeliners. well, I'm now done with drawing my eyeliners, as you see my eyes now look a bit longer because I extended the tail of the eyeliners. considering your own eye shape, you can apply eyeliners in various styles. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, See you later.

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