How To: Classic European Style Chignon

You can watch a video containing a full instruction of wavy chignon. This method uses the hair in the back to create a prosthesis for the chignon. Then different sections are added to it from the front and the sides to give it the wavy look.
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Greetings to you followers of Rojelab website. Today you're about see a European classic stylechignon. Having a wavy effect of hair, it's still popular among chignon makers. so keep watching us to see how it's done. divide the hair from one ear to the other and brush the layer on the back to remove the tangles. grab thin triangular sections in the back and tease them properly to the roots. Then apply some fixator to hold its shape. keep going with this teasing all the way down the head and leave a small layer untouched at the bottom. now tidy the teased hair to form a prosthesis in the back and secure it in the ends with bobby pins. grab the untouched sections at the bottom, apply some spray and attach them to the prosthesis with pins. now go over the sections on the sides and the front, brush well and fix them onto the prosthesis just like the previous ones. in the final step, apply some hairspray to fix the chignon in place before removing the pins. you can also put flowers on the crown to further decorate the make-up. thanks for choosing us to watch.

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