How To: Step by Step Guide to Bridal Make-up

If you're a little unsure how to use the makeup application techniques properly, don’t panic! This tutorial provides handy tips for using cosmetics in light make-up.
Begin with putting a suitable foundation for the eyelid’s shadow. Pick a pale pink colour for the back of the lids, then use light and dark colours for the inner and outer corner of the eyes, respectively. One more thing is that in light make-up techniques, the eye lines had better be properly faded.
The next steps would be highlighting and contouring the facial skin. In the end, brows and lips are designed based on our make-up tone.
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Hello everyone, I'm a beautician from Soorati beauty salon, Today I'm here with a light bridal make-up for you. We begin with making a foundation for the eyeshadow. spread it well before fading it with a pad. pick the pale pink color to put on the far end of the lids. and pick a lighter colour for the inner corner. choose darker colours like this one here to apply to the puffed parts of the eyelids. after completing the shadow, start putting eye lines at the base of lashes. in light make-up techniques, we can also fade the eye lines we put. This way, there will be no unwanted line remaining. begin the facial skin make-up with applying a hydrating moisturizer.

Pick a cream powder which suits the skin in colour, then cover the entire facial skin. next, take a Beautyblender pad to spread it all over. after fading the cream powder to make the necessary foundation for the make-up, start adding the concealer in a colour similar to the face. there are some areas on the face which make it look much more attractive when highlighted. such as chin, nose bone and near the temples. now take this dark colour from the palette to contour the face. Then use the baking powder to set the contoured areas. use this dark contour to darken the areas where we applied dark material. Then, start straightening the brows upwards.

Now use the brow gel to hold them in place. now start brushing the baking powder off the face. apply a shadow to underneath the eyes in the same colour as the lid's shadow. pick a rouge which is a good to match our make-up effect, and apply it to the cheeks. and I picked this rather pale pink colour for the lips. This client has already had eyelash extensions, however we can use either strip lashes or individual flare lashes. well, we're now done with this light make-up item, I hope you enjoyed it. To learn more about our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided.

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