Vocational Light Makeup

This video provides expert tips and the information you need to know about eyebrows:
How to make the eyebrows symmetrical?
How to put on light makeup?
How to apply the foundation?
How to use a concealer and complete eye makeup?
How to use adhesive eyelashes to fit the size of the eyes?
How to identify the skin type and apply a suitable cream?
How to arrange the colors in shadows, blushes and lipstick?
In addition, you can learn more about the process and how to wear a nice makeup which is light and popular these days.


Hi everyone! This is Faranak Bahri, a professional make-up artist instructor.

Today, we work on an almost light make-up
not too heavy or too light
as you know, the makeup requires a foundation
in order to have a long-lasting makeup
firstو we start with making the eyebrows symmetrical and we start the foundation
after we made the lines of eyebrows and we are assured that both lines are symmetrical.

We apply concealer
apply the concealer so that you can cover the eyelids completely
as I am taping with the brush
the grey parts show that the concealer has not rested on the eyelids
many of you say that you cannot make the eyebrows symmetrical
the reason is that you make up one eye completely, then you make up the other
it is wrong
you should make up both eyes simultaneously
otherwise, you cannot have a symmetrical eye make-up
now tap on the eyelids with a pad
to cover the foundation on the eyelids
tap with low pressure
otherwise, you may damage the foundation
you tap until it becomes smooth and clear
tell your customer not to open her eyes until you fix the eyelids, and tell them so.

We always use aqua for the foundation, but today I want to teach you a new thing
you can use the smooth pencils instead of aqua
because this is a light makeup and we do not need a heavy color
so we use a smooth pencil
it is a special subject about how to use aqua for any types of eyes
you should get familiar with different types of eyes, facial structures
surely, we teach you in our vocational classes.

We wet the brush a little.

Then we start to fade the colors.

One of the important things in the foundation is fading
fading means we want to reach light color from a dark color
not to have strong colors for example in one part dark color and the other part very light color.

We want to have shadows
you should fade it in a way that if someone sees the foundation, they think that it is eyeshadow not the foundation.

If you watch the video carefully
I only fade the borders not the aqua
many of you say that we want to do it
but we find a hole in the aqua and the color breaks in the middle
the reason is dependent on the pressure you put on the skin
our makeup is light and we do not want the darkness moves too much
so we let it go to this point
once you think that it is enough.

We let it go
now the back of the eyelids is wet and oily.

We should dry it in order not to be damaged by appearing lines
you can dry it by makeup powder fix.

We have different types of fixators that we explain to you in vocational classes
here I use pancake makeup to dry
I want to use two colors
because in the back of my mind, I know which colors I would like to use
so I can use color fixative powder
I chose a beige color fixative powder
I do not use this color for beneath eyebrows
I want to use a lighter color, for example, white color for this part.

For eyeshadow, your customer should not close her eyes by pressure
but you should tell them to not to put pressure when closing eyes, they might not know it
it is better to dry this part first
in case of blinking or pressure
the foundation won`t be damaged or broken
when you are sure that
the eyelids are dry completely
you can remove extra powder from the eyelids.

If you see carefully you realize that I have not dried the dark part
because I want to use a color on it
I select a color
you can choose the shadows from dark to light or light to dark
it makes no difference.

If you are new to makeup, it is better to choose from light to dark
because it is easier to fade the colors
so I show you how to do it
from light to dark
I chose a mild gold color.

We apply it on the light parts of the eyelids
be careful not to make it golden too much.

We only want the tone of golden color
the second color that I want to choose
should be darker than golden color to some degrees
because I want to get closer to this dark part
but I do not apply it to the dark part I apply it to its surroundings
because again I want to apply darker color on that part.

We explain about what colors we can combine in vocational classes completely
choosing colors is very important
you may use only two colors
but if you mix the colors so well, the colors which are really matched with each other.

If the colors are matched, you can have a nice shadow color
as you see, when I put the color, I won`t let it go
I fade it on the spot
because once this color remains, it darkens the foundation and then fading it will be more difficult
start shadowing with this brush
because this kind of brush makes the shadow cleaner
first apply the main base of shadow.

Then, in the end, you can use a hairy brush to add deeper color.

If you use the hairy brush from the beginning the shadow won`t be long-lasting
once you are completely satisfied with shadow fading.

Then you can choose the next color
my choice is brown color
first, apply it by tapping because this par is still oily, we did not dry it
just tap the color here.

Then, fade it
light makeup is fashionable these days.

But in my opinion, a makeup artist should know how to do all types of makeup.

I mean we should know light makeup, Arabic makeup
all types
because you know that makeup is a matter of taste
you may have a customer who wants a different type of makeup
but if you only know one type of makeup you cannot be accountable for every customer
once you are sure that the eyelids are completely dry, you can ask your customer to open her eyes.

One of the things you should know
is that you should not just look at your job from near
look at it from a distance in order to understand what differences you see to fix them
now I want to use hairy brush
the bright color which I used I can add it more here
because it can be fix now and it does not break the foundation.

This shadow should not have any lines
because this makeup is a light style and we do not use a lot of colors.

We do not have lines in this makeup
just it should be clean
in this step, I draw eyeline.

One of the mistakes that happen mostly
is that they stick eyelashes and then they draw eyeliner
it is really wrong
first eyeliner should be drawn
in this light makeup, the eyeliner should not be appeared
so it is only a pattern for us and it should be faded.

For sticking eyelashes first match and cut their size based on the size of the eyes
because all the eyelashes are not at the same size as your customer's eyes
many have problems with sticking eyelashes
but if you match the size based on your customer`s eyes
you will not have any problems
the eyelashes are ready
I use the glue on the roots of the eyelashes
do not be afraid of using glue.

If you stick the eyelashes correctly
there will not be any probleMs. We give a form to them
do not put them on your customer`s eyes once the glue is wet
because the glue will irritate the eyes
blow it to be dry.

Then put them on the eyelids
never stick eyelashes with closed eyes
because the eyes will be stuck
just the customer should look down.

If she looks up, the glue will stick on the shadow and damage your makeup.

We do not use bushy eyelashes for light makeup
because we want it to look natural
as you stick them.

Form them by your hand
before it goes dry form it
after that, we should apply the face cream
knowing all types of skin and which cream to be used are the matters we discuss in vocational classes
preferably we apply liquid cream for its long lasting effect.

We tap the cream on the face
be careful, liquid creams dry quickly
so you should be quick in applying it
now the face is dry and fixed.

We apply the shadows under eyes.

We should work on colors so that they won`t be appeared strong because the style is light makeup
it should be a tone of shadows only.

We are done at this point
just fade it towards down and I use colors on the parts that are faded
the frame of the eyebrows is Ok
there is no need for eyebrow polish or using pencils because the eyebrows are Ok.

We only use eyebrow mascara
I want to apply mascara
surely, you should use the back of your nail to hold the eyelid as you see
to stick her eyelashes to the artificial ones
artificial eyelashes do not need much mascara
because we do not want to make it more artificial.

We do the same for the other eye
I only touch the lower lid eyelashes
because I want it to be clean, I do not let the mascara to make a mess here so only touch it without leaving any materials there
your makeup art should be clean no matter what techniques you are using it, the result should be clean.

If you only draw eyeliner but do it cleanly, that would be nice
but if you do it messy even if you know a lot of good techniques, it will not work for you
Now I want to use blush with the color tones we worked on eyeshadow
after applying face cream, we worked on cheek foundation
now we add blush and tone.

We use mild blush
there should not be any lines on cheeks
you should not see any border between the colors
it should be faded completely and it should look natural
the lip liner should be matched with the color that we used in this makeup
to draw lip liner you should notice the distance of the lips and nose
do not make the lips bigger if the distance between lips and nose is narrow
light shadows need light lipstick
a mild color of lipstick is nice here, it makes the makeup more beautiful.

If we use a deep color lipstick, all the attention goes to this part and all we have done on light shadows will not be noticed
before the lipstick dries, I form it with lip liner
our light makeup video is done here, I hope you have enjoyed it
hope to see you in vocational classes.

If you had any questions regarding makeup, please contact us.

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