How To: Powder Nail Restoration

In this video, we’re going to show you how you can change a nail’s design and format during a restoration session.
Powder nail makeup is the most common type of nail work. More than 80 percent of nails are designed using this method. Gel nails are used only 15 percent and other methods only 5 percent. Powder nails are usually used as a basis for other types of designs and can last for a long time.
Gel nails are a beautiful design and are usually used in tropic regions but if good quality material is used, this type of nail can last up to one month. Other methods are usually a mix of these two methods and include dipping, fiber nails, and silk nails.


Greetings. Today I want to show you how you can add nailmakeup to nails in a restoration session.

Our model has had nail tip added before. What we want to do is add makeup using powder. For this process, we have to use two different powders. White powder and a peach-colored powder for the top. The peach colored powder is not is not crystalline and looks a little darker. Using this powder you can make the nail look as long as you like. It’s usually used in cases where the hand has a short nail. In newer methods, brushes with round tips are used. These brushes help reduce air infusion and make working with the nails easier. It will also help with the design and makes the work look more natural.

Let’s start by adding our powder. First, we’re going to add our anti-fungus polish or dehydrator. Add it to the natural nail only and not the tip. Some add it to the whole nail, which is a mistake. After the anti-fungus has been absorbed and you can see the cuticles, add primer to the natural nail and cover this whole area. Try to scrub the previous products from the nail as much as possible. Start from near the root and add a thin layer of powder to the nail.

A round brush can help cover the nail better and it doesn’t have edges so it makes working easier. We try to make the powder at the tip look round so we can add the white powder later. Tap the powder with the brush to widen it. Using a round brush, it’s pretty easy to form the tip of the powder. You don’t need any special tools for this job, only practice and persistence. Since we’ve added more product, brush and widen it to level the product across the nail.

Tap the brush and pull it on the nail at the same time. This will help level the product and fill any empty space to avoid air infusion. At the root, reduce the amount of product to avoid dripping and covering the cuticles. Also, try to use a harder mix. Use a white powder for the tip. Pick a soft paste to make help make forming the product on the nail easier. If the paste is hard, it’s going to become much harder to form the powder on the nail. The tip will look like a smile and it’s a new and beautiful design. Straight tip designs are now almost obsolete. The softer the product, the easier it will be to form it on the nail. Tap the powder on the tip a little to make it level with the rest of the nail.

After adding the powders, leveling, and forming it, we start scrubbing the nail. You should add the products so that a minimal amount of scrubbing is required. You should be careful when adding the products and add them with diligence. This will buy you time and make the work easier since less scrubbing and maintenance will be required. At the end you'll get a much better result. After scrubbing the nail with a hand-held scrub, I’m using an electric scrub to level the root.

Our work for changing naildesign during restoration has finished. I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you are interested in receiving our services or are looking to join our classes, please contact us with the numbers in the description.

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