How To: Facial Cleansing

In this tutorial, we talk about facial cleansing and skincare. This video was provided by Mehr-E-Arya Cosmetic Center.


Greetings to all of you watching I am Fahime and I am a skincare and cosmetics expert and instructor in Mehr-E-Arya Cosmetic Center. In this tutorial, I want to talk to you about skin cleansing. Based on the initial investigation, we realized the client requires a hydro-dermal procedure and since the skin is very dehydrated,
Today we aim to replenish some of this lost moisture.

Before we begin, if the client has any makeup on, we use a makeup remover to clean the makeup from the face. Then we can apply skin milk and skin toner to remove any remaining makeup residue. For the next step, we aim to remove a layer of dead skin cells from the face so we can use a mild facial scrub suitable for their skin type. Later we will use our galvanic device to moisturize the skin with a hydrating gel. Since the skin is dark and there are rings around the eyes,
We will use our ultrasonic device to help the skin absorb the material in these areas.

We will then massage the face and use a moisturizing and hydrating mask to get the best result possible. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. At this stage, we apply the skin milk and help the skin absorb it. This is the most important step in our skin cleansing process and will help remove all the pollutants deep inside the skin. After cleaning the skin thoroughly, we will use a suitable skin toner. Now we can scrub the skin. We have chosen a suitable scrub for this skin since it is dehydrated. I will apply it across the client’s skin.

Massage the skin so the scrub can take effect and remove the dead skin cells. The scrub has taken effect and now we can remove the excess material from the skin. The skin is now clean, all the pollutants have been removed, and we can feed the skin with any type of nourishment that we like. I will use a hydrating gel to moisturize the skin completely. Let’s apply some of our moisturizing gel to hydrate the skin. Apply the gel across the face. Since I want to use our device on around the eyes to reduce the dark rings, I will also apply the gel around the eyes.

We can continue working with this device until the skin has absorbed the gel completely. How long it takes the skin to absorb the gel depends on the skin type and how much moisture the skin requires. As I told you before, to remove the dark rings around the eyes and to reduce wrinkles,
We use a device to help the skin absorb the gel in this area. After this step, we will remove the remainder of the gel off the skin. I will continue with a facial massage. For the last step, we will apply the moisturizing skin mask. We can apply this mask on the mouth, eyes, and even the nose.

I let the mask remain on the skin for twenty minutes and remove it after it was dry. My work is done here and I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. For more information about our classes, please contact us at the numbers in the description. Thank you for watching.

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