Face Cleansing And Facial Massage

In this video, we see the training of face massage and skin cleansing provided by the Viona School of Beauty and makeup.


Hello, good day.

I am Akbari, Manager of Viona institute.

Today we have got a training item about cleansing and facial massage.

To begin with, it is necessary to wipe your make-up.

It has three levels: cleansing with cleansing milk, toner and scrub.

We should clean skin lines like chin line, lip line, cheek line, eye line, forehead, around the nose and upper mouth.

You need a warm stream to open facial pores before applying scrub that we have already done it.

Now apply the scrub.

Select a scrub that matches your skin type.

You can exfoliate the skin by applying circular motions.

Wipe the scrub by two wet sponges.

Wipe all parts of skin such as chin, cheeks, forehead and eyes.

After wiping the scrub, we had a cold stream to shrink the pores.

In this stage, we start massaging your face by a Collagen nourishing cream.

Start from your forehead
Massaging your forehead will stimulate your facial muscles especially for those who use their muscles a lot while they are talking and they have horizontal and vertical wrinkles.

As you see by pressuring fingers, we have got the vertical and horizontal motions on the forehead.

Eyebrow massage is really useful especially for those who are used to raising their eyebrows or frown and it prevents frown line.

Massage the middle of the forehead and around the eyes like the number eight.

Around the eye massage
By massaging the eye, we can soothe the tiny wrinkles.

Apply an upward comma motion.

Cheek massage
It stimulates cheek muscles and gives it a nice form.

For applying this massage we need upward motions and use 2 hands.

Massaging this part is important to prevent saggy and lip lines in the jaw.

We need upward motions towards jaw bone.

At the end to get rid of double chin, apply upward massage by the use of two hands.

Massage is really useful for reducing anxiety.

After the massage, we apply the hydrating mask from the chin to your forehead then leave it for 15 minutes.

Splash your face with water.

Thanks to the peeling, you need to apply sunscreen.

Thanks for watching, I hope to see you in skincare and massage classes.

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