How To: Lip Reformation Using Micro-pigmentation

In this brief video, you can see how to reform lips, add volume, and hide their defects using Micro-pigmentation.


As you can see, our client has thin and somewhat asymmetric lips. We start to design the lips. Our model doesn’t want her lips to look unnatural, so all we do is to try to form them a bit. Use a surgery pen to add dots on our design scheme to prevent the design from being wiped off.

Use your needle to scratch the lips slightly. We use anesthetic pads because they work faster, usually after ten minutes, and it will help the client feel less pain. The color we use is left to the client’s discretion. How to mix your colors to get the best result depends on the artist’s knowledge and experience. My client prefers a brown color, so that’s what we are using.

For lip pigmentation, we use a triple round needle. While you apply the pigmentation, the hand movements should be back and forth. To fill inside of the lips, we have to change the needle and use a five-headed flat blade. Move your hand in circles and back and forth movements.

Continue the process until you have covered the whole lip. Recommend to your client not to use water for four days and use ointments for ten days.

Our work is done here. I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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