How To: Hand & Nail Manicure

In this tutorial, we will show you how to manicure your hands. This video was provided by Kimia Beauty Academy. To join our classes, or to book our services, please contact us at Kimia Beauty Academy.


Greetings. I am Farnaz Moradi. I am a pedicurist from Kimia Beauty Academy. I have more than six years of experience in hand and foot hygiene. Today I want to talk to you about manicures. Please stay with us.

For our manicure, which includes salt and water, we ask the client to put her hands inside the bowl. The bowl contains Aloe Vera and Lemon mixed in water, which can soften and moisturize the nails and skin. Add some salt. Let the hand remain in the bowl for fifteen minutes to prevent any damage to the hand while removing the cuticles.

Let’s apply our scrub. This will remove the dead skin cells and make the skin lighter. Let the scrub remain on the hand for fifteen minutes. Now let’s push the cuticles back using a pusher which makes the nails look longer. Now use a nipper to remove the dead skin, which we pushed back, using the pusher. It is time to scrub the nails in a way that suits the style of the hands and based on the client’s request.

Buff the nail to smooth the surface, remove any defects or color from the nail. Now polish the nails to add more shine and smooth the slightest ruggedness as well. Apply cuticle oil to soften the tissue around the nails and moisturize it at the same time. Massage the hand a little and apply a suitable moisturizer. Massage the hands again to help the skin absorb the material.

The skin will absorb the product in less than five minutes and the client should avoid washing her hand for two hours. This will give the skin enough time to absorb the moisturizer completely. Thank you for watching us on To join our classes, or to book our services, please contact us at Kimia Beauty Academy.

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