How To: Applying Eyeshadow

In this tutorial, we try to teach you a technique for applying eye makeup.


Greetings to all of you watching Today we are here to teach you a technique for eye makeup.

We want to start the eye makeup with a white pencil, which can act as a restoration product. Use the pencil right under the eyebrows. Use a small brush to fade it under the eyebrows. Now it is time to use some white eyeshadow. Apply the eyeshadow on the same area, which is right under the eyebrows. This eyeshadow will help with the durability of the lines we created with the pencil.

Now use a light peachy eyeshadow and distribute it on the eyelids using a brush. Try to fade it with the white eyeshadow. The big brush will help is distribute and fade the eyeshadows evenly across the eyelid. Now it is time to apply another eyeshadow. It is much better if you use a high-quality brand for all your products. Apply the eyeshadow like this on the eyelid. Pay attention to the way I am applying the eyeshadow. Use the peach-colored eyeshadow once more because we want to fade the different colors a little bit.

This is the next eyeshadow we want to use. This eyeshadow has a warm color and might look close to the mustard color. I think the makeup would look much better if we use warm colors here. We can use a smaller brush to distribute the eyeshadow on the eyelid with rotational movements. For the next step, we have to use a concealer. This is a very high quality light concealer. Use the concealer in rotational movements on the upper eyelid. This makes the eyeshadows look better after application. Pay special attention to how we apply the concealer. We continue as we did before and form a circle on the upper eyelid. Using this method, we hide all the visible or rugged lines on the eyelid.

Now let’s use eyeshadow with a beautiful color. This eyeshadow is from the brown spectrum of colors and can add shine too and you can see golden particles inside the material. Distribute it across the eyelid, but focus more on the center. Although, finally we intend to use a light eyeshadow on the center of the eyelid. Therefore, for the next shadow, we use this color, which you can see. It has a golden color tone to it and as you can see, we used a brush to apply it to the center of the eyelid. We use the next shadow for more shine and apply it to a small area in the center of the eyelid by gently tapping the eyelid.

This is mainly to make the makeup look better and add some shine. Now it is time to apply eyeliner. Draw the eyeliner like this. We use a black pencil for the lower part of the last line. We can also apply black eyeshadow to make the lash liner look darker and add to its durability. You can see how we drew the eyeliner. Both below and above the eye. We chose this color for the next eyeshadow. Apply it using a brush below the lower eyelid and then fade it. Now it time to attach the false lashes. After attaching the false lashes, we use a high-quality mascara and apply it to the upper and lower lashes thoroughly.

We have reached the end of this tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Until next time, goodbye.

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