How To: Balayage Colouring Technique

Balayage, also known as Hair Painting, is the process of free-handing or sweeping hair color, lightener or toner downwards in soft movements directly on the surface of the desired section. Follow the guide below to learn more.
To begin, separate the hair in the back diagonally into two sections and apply colouring material at a zero angle position.
Start applying the material from the bottom of the hair section in large amounts, then move the brush gently upwards while taking less material as you get closer to the roots.
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Hello everyone, Today I'm here with a Balayage hair item, I hope you will find it useful, so stay tuned. To begin, divide the hair in the back diagonally into two parts like this, then separate the sections in zigzag. and the material is applied at a zero angle. Then start fading the hair from near the section's middle towards the top. there are usually two ways of fading in Ombre and Balayage techniques. one is fading with bleaching substances and other is fading with hair dye. I personally prefer dye fading to bleach fading because it leaves less intense shade of yellow in hair after use. cover the bottom fully with material and as you move further up, apply less material. in Balayage, how close to the roots you should apply the material will depend on the client's choice as well as their hair base colour.

There are some clients with two or three base colours in their hair. or some clients who tend to have the Balayage near the roots, therefore you will have to do as your client's wish. after you've fully covered the bottom area and completed fading the top part. place a mesh strip on the section. repeat the very same steps on the second section here. apply the material as close to the roots as you did on the other section. pick big amount of material while you're on the bottom, but take smaller amounts as you go higher. This way you have more control on applying the material. use the sides of the brush to cover the section's edges. sweep the brush upwards with its sides on the section. I'm not able to show the process of hair colour lifting very well on mannequin's hair. after we're done with the first layer, take a thicker layer from above.

Go in zigzag again. separate as thick a part of it as the client likes and leave it aside, then pick the rest and apply the material to it at a zero angle. just like what we did for the previous sections. as you see, I've sectioned the hair layers diagonally. lifting the hair colour properly will have a significant effect on the result we get in Ombre and Balayage colouring. If take the steps wrongly, it leaves obvious lines on the hair after brushing. you are allowed to apply material closer to the roots on one layer and farther from the roots on another. but you are NOT allowed to do so when working on two adjacent sections (sections that are next to each other).

When finished, place one mesh strip over and one under the section so that it keeps the material off the untouched layer underneath. try to be clean while working, always have tissues at hand to wipe off the material before moving on to separate more sections. follow the same steps for the adjacent section. apply more material to the bottom. Then less material as you're moving up towards the roots. For this purpose, you're not allowed to move the brush on its wide sides, you have to sweep it on its tip and edges. after you've finished, again place one mesh strip under and one over the section. go on separating layers like we did here until we reach the top of the head. what we're going to do on the top is hold the section straight, because the sections become a little smaller.

Don't forget the zigzag mode, one more thing is that we should hold the section a bit higher while applying the material so that the lines will be shown more clearly. while working on either side of the head, separate diagonally until you reach near the middle. be very careful to separate the sections equally on both sides. note that this Balayage technique is best for those who don't go for hair colours that are too blonde. those who tend to have a mild Balayage. thus It can't be a good technique to perform for those wishing to have intense blonde hair. I hope you enjoyed watching this item today. To learn more about our services in this beauty salon, you can contact us through the numbers provided. Good Luck.

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