How To: Ombre Hair Dye

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about the correct ways to perform Ombre and balayage. We will also talk about the correct ways to tease the hair. This video was provided by Mrs. Ramisa Mirzae. To join our classes, please contact us at 09354779686.


Greetings. Today I’m here with a tutorial on hair dye using Ombre and balayage techniques. In addition, I want to tell you about the correct ways to tease the hair. I’ll tease a few layers of hair so you can see and refresh and improve your techniques if you need to.

Hair separation and sectioning is very important in this process, but for today, we want to focus primarily on teasing and aim primarily on solving any technical issues you might have with this process. Separate a thin layer of hair diagonally. Straighten the hair and tease it like this. You will tease almost half the hair layer and push the strands upward. If you have an assistant with you, you can ask them to put a brush at the root of the hair to hold the hair at that point, otherwise, just use a hair clip and attach it to the root of the hair.

I’m going to use a wooden board today to apply the material on my foil. I’m sure you are all familiar with this type of board. You can use this board to apply the material on the foil much easier. Apply a small amount of material to the foil on the board. Put the layer of hair on the foil and start applying the material on the hair layer. When you apply a thin layer of material on the foil first, this will help get the material across the hair everywhere. Now bend the foil layer and close it. We will continue the same for the next layer. If you want an Ombre, you will do the exact same process for the next layer of hair. Nevertheless, if you want to balayage the hair, you have to skin one layer and move to the next one.

Choosing thin layers will eliminate the need for re-application of the material for a second pass. This will help prevent spotting the hair. The layer I have here is rather thick, so I’ll separate it into two layers. Since we are working on a model head, we can’t stick to the right angles since there’s no actual grain or middle section, even though the hair is natural. Let’s brush the hair again and tease it. As you can see, the layer is very thin. We’ll proceed as before. Picking layers one after the other without skipping layers of hair is the technique you use for Ombre.

Use your body to hold the wooden board in place without bending your back or putting too much pressure on your legs. There’s no need to go all the way up. Now let’s move to the last layer, and proceed like before. The teased strands of hair might get in the way, but there’s no reason to worry. Brush the hair and make sure the layer is thin. Tease the hair. As you can see, the layer is very thin. This is a standard layer for this type of process and works very well for dark and thick hair. Again, apply some of the material to the foil first.

Applying the material to the foil before putting it under the hair is very important because otherwise, you will have to unwrap the foil again and apply the material to the areas of hair, which have not reached the required level of bleach. Close the foil completely and it’s even better if it’s half a centimeter above the point where the material was applied. This is especially important for those who have issues with leakage from the foil wraps and spotting at the top of the foil.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. You can perform the same process and see the result on natural hair. If you like to join our classes, which are provided as public, private, and semi-private classes, you can contact us through the numbers provided in the description.

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