How To: Straightening Hair

In this tutorial, you will see how a hair straightening process using GAP products is done. To buy GAP products, please contact us at 02152896.


Greetings. I’m Shaygan and today I want to talk to you about hair straightening with GAP products.

First, brush the hair thoroughly and separate it into four parts. Then, separate one centimeter thick patches of hair. Start working on the hair half a centimeter from the root. It’s important to note that this product is good for people who want to straighten their curls. This product is good for both colored and natural hair. For the product to affect colored hair, you will have to wait from ten to twenty minutes.

Start adding the product from the back of the head half a centimeter from the root. The product shouldn’t touch the skin. Continue until the end of the stem. Do the same for the rest of the hair. Separate the hair and add the product. Try to add the product to all parts of the hair uniformly. The product will affect the hair sulfur bonds and straighten the hair. It can be used by professionals and those at home. The product contains Keratin as well as different types of vitamins. It can be used for men as well as women. You can separate your hair at home and use the product to straighten your hair.

After adding the product using a brush, massage the hair gently. You can feel the change in sulfur hair bonds under your hands. You can also use a brush to brush the hair. In the end, after waiting the required time with regard to the hair type, rinse the hair and start the second phase. Keep in mind, adding the product to the hair should be done swiftly, so the hair at the back isn’t exposed to the chemicals for too long.

After rinsing the hair and removing the products, dry the hair and separate the hair again. Starting from the back, add the stabilizing products. The fixing product will help keep the hair in its present state after the sulfur bonds are broken. This is a very important stage of the work and should be done with utmost delicacy since,
If the product isn’t added correctly to a part of the hair, the hair will go back to its curly form. In this stage, the product should stay on the hair for fifteen to twenty minutes. After adding the product, you should keep brushing the hair. This will help get a better straight hair. Pour the fixing product to the bowl and start working.

I hope this tutorial has been useful in helping you get a straight hair at a reasonable expense.

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