How To: Long Haircut Using Shears

In this tutorial from, you can learn how to do a fantasy haircut.


Greetings. Today I want to show you a fantasy haircut using shearing.

In this haircut, we won’t shorten the hair, but we will grind the hair a lot by shearing it.

Before we start, we have to separate the hair. Separate the bangs on the line with the arc of the eyebrows and brush them backward. Separate the two sides of the hair into two equal parts. Overall, you’ll have to separate the hair into four parts. Now let’s start with regular scissors. Separate a small batch of hair from the front. It depends on how the client likes it, or how what you’ve decided is suitable for the client. Separate one or two parts and cut them. Now separate the second layer, use the previous layer as a guide, and cut it. Cut with precision and use the first cut as a guide for the whole cut.

Pay attention to how I’m using the scissors. This type of cut with grind the hair and make it look beautiful. Now that we have cut the first two layers using the guide, we move layer after layer toward the back of the head until you reach the back. Just keep in mind the layers you choose shouldn’t be too big or too small. This moderation in the volume of hair you choose will make the cuts cleaner. For each batch, I use the scissors to cut the tips in a zigzag style. This type of cut on the tips has many names, like pointed cut, and zigzag, but in the end, it’s just the same as shearing.

We continue layer after layer until the end. I want to show you the angle of the cut. The angle of my cut here is 180 degrees. You have to cut the whole batch in a 180 degrees angle. We do the zigzag cut on the tips. There’s not much left until our cut is finished. There’s maybe one or two layers left until the end of this process. Keep in mind not to cut too much of the hair in length.

Our work is over on the back and at this point, we’re moving to the sides. I had separated the hair on the sides, starting exactly behind the ears. To cut the part toward the face, I separate a batch directly on the line with the arc of the eyebrow. I use the cut on the front as a guide and cut the hair in a 180-degree angle. I’ve cut this part. Let’s leave it and move on. Now for the layer behind the ears. I pick another layer and use the crown of the hair as our guide, which is this part. Cut with a 180-degree angle. We’ve cut this part as well. We’re going to shear the tips as well.

We’ve cut the left side of the hair and we can move on to the right. The process is the same. Separate the hair layer by layer, use the cut in the front as a guide, and cut in 180 degrees. Now let’s move to the second layer which is behind the ear. We follow the same process as we did for the layer on the left. Our cut is finished and now we have to check the cut.

Brush the hair back and let’s check the hair because our cut is over. I want to take this time to explain our hair separation model. We separated the front on the line with the arc of the eyebrows to the back of the head. We also separated the hair on the sides of the head around the ears. At the beginning of the work, you separate a batch from the front, cut it, and use it as a guide for the rest of the cut. and we're going to use a 180 degree cut for the whole hair during the cut.

Now to check our cut, we stand behind the client, follow the line from between the lines and split the hair on that line into two equal parts on the sides. We also separate the hair on the ears. To check the cut you have to pick equal layers of hair. Choose the layers and pull them toward the face. To check behind the head, stand behind the client, pull two equal batches of hair from behind the ears, and pull them toward the middle.

Our check is over. Now let’s use our shearing cutters because until now we were just using a regular scissor. Start in the front were you split the hair on the line with the arc of the eyebrow. We use the shearing cutter to make the cuts pointier. Separate the hair layer after layer. If you pay attention to the cut, you’ll realize the hair isn’t cut short but we have used shearing to grind the surface of the hair. I’m going to work on the hair a bit and show you the final result.

Our work is done here. As you can see the length of the hair is still long and the surface is grinded. Here you can see the front of the hair.

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