How To: Applying Eyeshadow & Glitter

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to apply a light glitter makeup. This video was provided by Bahar Sheidai Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am Sheida. I am a makeup and style expert and instructor and I am here from Bahar Sheidai Beauty Institute. In this tutorial, I want to show you how to do a light shine makeup.

First, apply a primer. Primers come in different types. They can be in the form of liquids or solids. Let the primer remain on the skin for five to ten minutes to get absorbed by the skin. Now we can apply a cream powder. Distribute the cream powder equally across the face. Now use a blending pad, which is a little wet to remove the excess oil and material from the face. Touch the face with the pad.

Now apply a concealer. Use a light concealer under the eyes. Use the blender again to remove the excess material and fade it. Apply a layer of foundation cream on the upper eyelids and use the blender again. Now smear your brush in a light fixing powder and dry the upper eyelids. If you dry the area more than necessary, you will not be able to continue applying makeup to this area and the makeup will look pale.

Now it is time to apply our contour. Fade it. Use a highlighter. Fix the area with fixing powder. Fix the light areas using a light fixing powder, and the darker areas with a darker shade of fixing powder. Continue fixing the makeup. You can use a light pancake to fix the makeup or a fixing powder. As I said before, fix the light areas using a light fixing powder, and the darker areas with a darker shade of fixing powder.

Now we can start applying the eyeshadows. Before starting this process, use a pancake to dry the inner edge of the upper eyelid completely. Start at the outer edge of the eye and start applying the makeup. Add a volume of material to the area, clean your brush, and then fade it upward. Always remember to apply the material to a lower area on the corner of the eyelid and then fade it upward. Extend the shade on the outer edge of the eyelid with rotational movements of the brush.

I want to make a cut on the upper eyelid. Apply some glitter glue by touching the upper eyelid with your finger. Apply some glitter or shine on the upper eyelid where you applied the glue by touching the area with the brush. After applying the glitter, draw the eyeliner. Start hachuring the eyebrows. Apply the same shade of eyeshadow you applied to the upper eyelids, for the lower eyelid as well.

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