How To: Easy Quick Hair Curling

Contrary to what you might think, curling hair is neither much of a laborious task nor does it require special tools to use. It can be carried out perfectly using only simple hair tongs (a hair iron). What’s more is that no substance of any kind will be necessary.
The hair section is twisted around the iron once while the iron is gently moved downwards. Note that the thicker the hair section is, the bigger curl will be delivered and vice versa.
In order to learn more about this technique, watch the tutorial guide below. To reserve a seat in the training classes presented by Ms. Habbibi, please dial the phone numbers available.


Hello to you followers of Rojelab website, This is Parvaneh Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol Academy. Today I'm gonna show you how to make hair curly. stay tuned and I hope you will find it useful. In order to crimp hair, you won't need any special tool but a hair tong. No substance is applied to hair, twist the hair section around the iron as moving it gently downwards. remember to do it gently or it won't be curled if you move the tongs too fast. you will get thick curls if you take thick sections and thin curls if you take thin sections. It's good to know that curling provides much better durability than Babylissing. go on shaping different sections like this.

Hold the section at 90 degree position, twist it once around the iron while moving it downwards. Do we need special hair tongs? No, any iron can be used but the only thing is that it must be curved on the edges and mustn't have too wide barrels. Natural hair comes to shape much more easily. This mannequin's hair is made of fibers (almost 50%), so there's no wonder it might take a while to get curled. This technique and hairstyle is very popular among many people specially the youth. like those who don't like to have their hair tied or to have a chignon. Everyone can do this curling on their own at home. So if you learn properly how to do this one technique only.

It can be a great help to the family economy as you won't have to go to beauty salons for that anymore. as I already said, you'll get small and big curls from thin and thick sections respectively. well as you see, we'll go on grabbing different sections and crimp them one by one in the way I explained. by the way, no substance should be added to hair. after curling,you can design the hair in any way you wish. you can gather and secure the hair on either side and leave the hair hanging on the other side. or you can also leave them hanging on both sides, it will all depend on your wish. well dear pals, this tutorial come to an end now, I hope you can use what you just learned for your needs. as you see, we can make hair curly quite quickly using hair tongs. curled hair lasts much longer Babylissed hair. To attend our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided.

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