Choosing The Best Makeup Training Classes

In this tutorial, you will hear what students think of Malihe Beauty Institute’s classes on makeup. This video was provided by Mrs. Ghasemnezhad. To join our classes, please contact us at 09029024848, or 09124340985.


These days, training is the entry point to any profession. This is more important if the profession is skill-based. Since we’ve received lots of question about how you can choose the best training institution we’ve visited one of the training centers to ask the students about their experiences and help you choose better.

Before coming here and getting to know Mrs. Ghasemnezhad, I had a different view of makeup but my work has gotten so much better and I’ve much more self-confidence so much so that now I run two salons and my clients are more satisfied with my work and I have more customers. In addition to new techniques, we learned new methods of makeup and I want to thank Mrs. Ghasemnezhad.
For giving us the self-esteem and confidence to do better.

Given that this was your first training period, what was your experience. I think the work was very professional and up to date and I’m very satisfied with the training. How did you come to know Mrs. Ghasemnezhad and her classes. From websites and social media. How long were the classes, and what did you learn during this period. I started a beginner and advanced class, but Mrs. Ghasemnezhad was kind enough to let me continue until the professional classes. I will also have her support through my work if I needed help. What would you recommend to people who want to come to these classes to learn makeup. Since I started the classes from beginner and continued to the advanced topics, I learned the concepts in-depth and in detail. I would recommend others who are interested in makeup do the same and start from the beginning.

I’ve tried many different institutes and in different places to pass the training classes. Neither of them was as good as classes with Mrs. Ghasemnezhad whom I got to know through The techniques I learned for brushwork was better than anything else I’ve seen. The training for makeup foundation and other aspects were also very good. Now That I’m going back home, I know I’ve learned a lot I didn’t know before and I can provide services and apply techniques that I know others can’t. I learned to work with both dry and oily foundations and other materials and tools that I didn’t know how to work with before, and sometimes I didn’t even know their use or used them the wrong way. After three days of going to these classes, I can now easily identify skin types and their pigmentations. I can make my own foundation based on the skin I’m working on, and this is one of the most important abilities a makeup artist must have because you can’t find all the foundations you need to normalize the client’s skin in the market.

I decided that I need to update my knowledge of the field and this is why I participated in Mrs. Ghasemnezhad’s classes. I learned many new techniques and updated what I knew. Using what I’ve learned, I’m sure I can provide even better services to my clients.

I took part in the one-day sessions provided by Mrs. Ghasemnezhad to update my techniques and methods. I’m very happy with the classes, and the foundation mixing classes were great. The painting techniques covered in the classes help with foundation making and makeup applications. I learned how to make my own foundations, an area that I had many problems with, and I know a lot more than I did before and I can make my own foundations based on my client’s skin type.

I’m a beginner and I got to know Mrs. Ghasemnezhad through and during the three sessions I’ve accumulated the knowledge that I think otherwise would take a year to learn. I’ve learned the best techniques for working with foundations and color mixing in these three days. I would recommend classes with Mrs. Ghasemnezhad to anyone who wants to learn more about makeup or update their knowledge.

How was this class, which was focused on makeup and painting techniques, different from other classes you’ve attended before and what did you learn. I was able to solve many of the issues I had with foundations, I learned new techniques for mixing foundations and applying makeup. When I started coming to these classes for the first time eight years ago, I didn’t know much, and now I have a very good understanding of many makeup topics and every time I attend a new class, I learn much more and this is why I always take part in these classes. I want to add that Mrs. Ghasemnezhad is a very compassionate instructor and she does everything in her power to help you learn better.

Based on what you know from the classes, what were the specific topics covered in this class and how long was the period of the classes. The class was four days long and it covered foundations, makeup application, facial makeup, eye makeup, eyeshadows, bridal makeup, and identifying face types with all the techniques and methods involved. The focus was especially on mixing foundations were most students has issues.

Previously you told us that you’ve learned a lot and the classes were going to affect your work. How is it going to affect your work and did the classes make you feel more confident. It has certainly affected my confidence in my work, my skills have improved, that’s why I’m very eager about taking part in the classes, and I do it every year. I now know many more brands and material that my other colleagues are not familiar with, and I can now provide a better service to my clients. I would certainly recommend these classes to those I know.

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