How To: Lighten Your Hair (No Bleach)

In this tutorial, we try to show you how you can lighten your hair with light colors like 000 without using decoloring powder or bleach. This video is provided byThe products used in this video are provided by Val var. To order these products, please contact us at 02188850226.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour, and I’m a hair expert and instructor. Today I’m here with a tutorial on working with hair formula. I’m going to teach you how to bleach your hair without using a decoloring powder. This means we are going to use 000 colors or other light colors.

This is especially effective for people who are allergic to bleaching material or have damaged hair and hence we can’t reach our desired level of lightness. The hair on the model is naturally on a level 6 or 7. We can perform this method on clients even if their natural hair is on a level one or two. You can apply the dye to the hair one centimeter away from the root and when you’re done, come back and do the same for the root as well. This is because we know that the roots will change color faster.

But for my model who’s hair is already on a level 6 or 7, we have to apply the dye to hair stems and the root at the same time. We can use light colors like a level 12 dye and 000 together. For healthy hair, you can even use oxidant 12 percent. I would recommend using oxidant level 9 because then you can use the same product for the roots. Oxidant level 12 is too powerful for the roots and can’t be used. We can start applying our dye to the stem and when we’re done, we have to come back and do the same for the roots. The most you can expect from this procedure is to take the hair to a level 7 or 8 at best.

This hair is already on a level 7 and if we use 000 colors, we can go maybe two levels further. This method is ideal for those of you who rather not use decoloring material or are allergic to them. Since this hair has a unified color and there’s no difference in color between the root and the stem, I’m going to apply the dye across the hair at the same time. Those of you, who rather not use decoloring material, have light hair, and want to go further than a level 7 or 8, can add one-fourth of a cup of decoloring powder in your 000 color mix. However, you have to dye the hair twice. Meaning that you use your lightening dye once and after you rinse the hair, you can use your caramel or beige. Otherwise, your hair will have a yellow background.

As I said, for people who have hair with resistance to lighter colors, you can use one-fourth of a cup of decoloring powder in your dye. Valvar decoloring powders are very suitable for this method. They work very well on highly resistant hair types, they have very little free particles, and you can go to a level 10 using this material. Moreover, this decoloring material contains material that will prevent dryness and preserves the natural state of your hair.

We have now applied the dye to our hair. We’ll have to wait for thirty minutes and after a rinse, you can see how the hair is two or three degrees lighter. For light and thin hair, this method will make your hair five degrees lighter. For black or dark brown hair, you can lighten the hair six or seven degrees lighter, which means a level 7 or at most 8. This means you’ll be able to use colors such as caramel, beige or even Nescafe. Let us wait for thirty minutes and come back to see the results.

This concludes our tutorial. If you pay attention to the hair, you’ll notice the three degrees of difference in color. This is a dead hair on a model but it would look much more noticeable of natural hair. However, the hair is three degrees lighter now. So as we said, you can use 000 colors with natural light colors like 12.0 on natural hair to lighten them around seven or eight degrees. If your hair looks yellow or red after this method, you can dye the hair one more time. We don’t need to do that here. You can use Nescafe, caramel colors on this hair.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.Until next time, goodbye.

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