How To: Dye Your Hair at Home

Today, we’re going to give you some useful tips for hair dying. Most people may believe they are not capable of dying their hair all by themselves at home. However, we now intend to prove that it’s not really as complicated as it may sound. There might be a lot of questions regarding dying the hair properly. During this tutorial, you can find out the answers to problems like:

What are the advantages of using foils?
With what tool the hair is parted?
How many ways are there to dye the hair using foils?
What are the differences between lowlighted and highlighted hair?


Greetings to every one of you followers of Rojelab website, Today we're gonna give you some tips about hair dye. We may get a good result from foiling the hair during dying. besides, a better durability is achieved with this method rather than with others. you can watch the full process in this tutorial. use a rat tailed comb end to part the hair, then grab a layer which is as thin as paper. well, make a small fold on the edge of the foil, then place the thin layer on the foil and make sure the foil edge is closely fixed to the hair roots on the scalp. after that, start dying the hair layer gently. start dying the hair in the middle and continue up to the hair roots. Then fold the foil as you see in the video. the second method involves making only one fold on the foil. the third method is mostly used for hairs with lower intense colour. place the hair layer on the foil, dye it and then place another foil on it and press hard till they stick to each other. in the fourth method, fewer strands of hair are dyed in each layer, it gives a more natural look to the hair as well. after applying the dye, a single fold is made in the foil. the hair section is divided crossing the comb end under one strand and over the next. Then start dying as you see in the video and fold the foil. Thanks a million for watching us.

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