How To: Using Hair Bleaching Creams

In this tutorial, we will try to tell you the correct methods to use a decoloring cream to bleach hair. To purchase Val var products please contact us at 02188850226 and to join our classes, please contact us at 09375145783.


Greetings. I’m Anousha Shafi’e. I want to show you one of the most popular Val var products and talk to you about the correct way of using this product.

For our first step, we will use the Val var’s decoloring powder and oxidant. Although, this is only one of the ways you can use your decoloring cream. You need to re-apply the decoloring material to the hair after the initial application after 45 minutes have passed. If after using the decoloring powder, you notice that the hair has reached a level 8 or 9 of bleach, you can use the decoloring cream for your re-application and I can assure you that you can bleach the hair completely without any damage to the hair. This is one of the tricks you can use to bleach the hair white.

We’ve put a layer of hair inside our foam wrap and closed the wrap. We’ll wait until the hair has reached the proper level of bleach and then we can apply our decoloring cream to recharge the material. There are times when you only want to highlight the hair. You can start that process using the decoloring powder and oxidant. Using this mix alone can help you reach a level 6 or 7 without any problem. You can be sure that it won’t damage the client’s hair at all.

As you well know, most decoloring creams start to generate foam after they are mixed with oxidants, which can cause leakage or redness at the tip of the foil wrap. In addition, decoloring creams are usually good for reaching a level 7 bleach at most because of the fat that they contain. Most hairstylist know that you usually use decoloring creams when you want to have a highlight on the hair. Here I want to show you the correct way to use decoloring cream.

Let’s pour some of the decoloring cream inside our bowl. Now mix the decoloring cream with oxidant number 2 or 9 percent. Before mixing the cream with the oxidant, it’s better if you use your brush to distribute the decoloring cream a bit. One of the advantages of Val var’s decoloring cream is that it doesn’t create foam when it’s mixed with the oxidant. This isn’t the case with other decoloring creams and you will notice that they start to foam after five to ten minutes and sometimes the foam is so much that it causes the material to overflow from the container. This will never happen with this brand of decoloring cream.

As you can see, after five minutes there’s still no foam whereas the same duration could have caused the other brands of decoloring cream to start foaming and sometimes even overflow from the top of the container. This is one of the many advantages of Val var’s decoloring cream. After the allotted time has passed for the decoloring powder mix on the hair,
We can remove this material and start adding our decoloring cream to the hair to recharge it. Apply it this way. We experimented with this method on a very dark black hair and after it reached a level 7,
We applied our decoloring cream to the hair and the hair reached a level of complete bleach. We will wait a while for the hair to reach the level of bleach we desire and we will be back with you.

As you can see, we have bleached the hair to this level using Val var’s decoloring cream. I want to remind you that this isn’t natural hair and contains amounts of synthetic material as well. However, as you can see there is no damage to the hair at all. You can use this method to reach a level 9 or 10 on natural hair without damaging the hair at all. I want to point out that, even though the material is called a decoloring cream and contains amounts of moisturizing material, you should use it on damaged hair that has been bleached before and is now dry to bleach it further. Therefore, always make sure to use your decoloring material and decoloring cream on completely healthy hair.

In this tutorial, I tried to convey the information that I thought was required for you to know about decoloring creams. I’m very happy to announce that our products are now being used in many different countries. Val var’s decoloring cream is now one of the most popular products from Shaygan-Shokooh company. To order our product or for more information please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. You can also contact us through these numbers to join our classes. Until next time, goodbye.

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