How To: Recognizing High Quality Hair Bleach Products

In this tutorial, we will investigate and explain the differences and signs of low quality and high-quality decoloring powders. To order Val var products please contact us at 02188850226 and to join our classes, please contact us at 09375145783.


Greetings. I’m Anousha Shafi’e. I’m an instructor from Shaygan-Shokooh Institute. In this video, I want to talk about Val var’s decoloring powders.

One of the common questions that I hear my colleagues often ask is how to determine the quality of a decoloring powder. Whether Val var’s decoloring powder can bleach the hair to an acceptable level and what advantages it has. In this video, we want to show you the differences between a high-quality decoloring powders with a powder that can damage the hair even though it might reach the level of bleach you want.

Here we want to show you the signs of a good decoloring powder in contrast with a low-quality decoloring powder. What you see here is a while decoloring powder from Val var. we’ll pour this scoop of this powder into our mixing bowl from a distance of thirty centimeters. As you can see, there is absolutely no dust. This is, in contrast, a low-quality decoloring powder and as you can see when I pour it into the bowl from a distance of thirty centimeters away, it produces lots of dust and mist. This sure signal shows the powder is of low quality.

As you all noticed, the powder from Val var didn’t produce any mist. You have to mix this powder with twice the amount of oxidant. Therefore, if you pour one scoop of powder, you’ll need two scoops of oxidant. Fill your scoop with Val var’s oxidant formula and add it to your powder. It’s much better if you mix the formula one scoop at a time to make sure your mixture is correct. As you can see, there’s no mist created even when we are mixing the material. One of the other advantages of Val var’s bleaching powder is that it will not create foam after it is mixed with oxidants.

Another important fact about this brand of bleaching material is that it will harden with time after initial mix and it will be suitable for open-air dye and foil wraps in contrast with other products, which usually become more diluted with time. Now let’s move on to our low-quality product for comparison. We poured our decoloring powder in the bowl and you saw how much mist and dust it created. Now let’s mix it with our oxidant. Let’s mix it thoroughly. Wait a few minutes to see another sign of low quality in this decoloring powder.

To better compare the high-quality material from Val var and the low-quality decoloring powder, I’ve separated a layer of hair on the side and now I’ll out the hair on foil smeared with Val var’s decoloring powder. We’ll choose a thin layer of hair and add the product to the hair. We’ll add the product across the whole hair. Make sure you don’t add too much of the product to the hair or too little of it. It’s should a be moderate amount. Bend the foil and close it on the side. Now let’s test our low-quality decoloring powder. We’ll put the hair on the foil and apply our decoloring powder.

You can use any method for your foil wrap. Our goal here is only to show you the differences between high quality and low-quality bleaching powders. We will wait until chemical reactions occur for both foil wraps. As you can see, there’s absolutely no leakage from the foil on the right which contains Val var’s decoloring powder. On the left foil wrap, which we used a low-quality decoloring powder however, we see that there’s leakage. This is a sign of high and low-quality decoloring powders.

Both hair layers have now reached the proper and equal levels of bleach and we have rinsed both layers of hair. We have the hair bleached with good quality material to the right and hair bleached with low-quality material on the left. The hair to the left is completely ruined after ten minutes and is useless and very much damaged. However, for the high-quality bleaching material using Val var products, the hair is very healthy and even though I’m pulling the hair very hard, you can see that it won’t get cut. Even though we spend less time for the hair on the left and bleach happened in a shorter time, you can see how much damage it did to the hair. It’s really not worth it to damage the hair this much only to bleach the hair faster.

It’s always much better to bleach the hair properly and create a beautiful bleach with high-quality material. For those of you how sometimes ask about the required time for the material to remain on the hair, and whether it’s better to wait a shorter time or a longer time. During this video, we tried to show you the differences between high quality and low-quality decoloring powders. There are many other factors to point out when it comes to the quality of decoloring powders. In this video, we tried to show you an example in action.

If you’re not a hairstylist but you value your health and your hair, ask your stylist for Val var products the next time you want to dye your hair. I want to invite all of my colleagues to use our products and test the quality and brilliant outcome of Val var materials. To order these products, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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