How To: Highlight Using Foil Wraps

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can highlight your hair with foils by separating the hair in semicircles. To order Val var’s products please contact us at 02188850226.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m a hairstylist and chignon, expert and instructor. I’m here with a tutorial on working with hair formulas. In this tutorial, I want to show you a highlight using foils and explain the hair separations for this type of highlight.

To separate the hair for this type of highlight with foils, start from the arch of the eyebrows and separate the hair in a direct line until the back of the head. Separate the hair in a semicircle and tie the rest of the hair. The front of the hair and the bangs depends on the client. Separating the whole layer in the front and highlighting it might not be what the client wants. Therefore, it’s better if you let the client choose how they want the bangs to be highlighted.

Now let’s just separate a thin layer and wrap it in foil for our highlight in a regular way. Separate three or four parts and then wrap these sections in foil wraps. We’ve separated five sections of this layer. We are going to highlight these sections. I’ll add the material up to the tip of the foil wrap near the hair roots and the rest of the hair is also smeared in the material. Now bend the foil. Also, bend the sides to prevent the foil from slipping down. You can even use clips to hold the foil or use pieces of cotton to prevent leakage.

Here I’ve used Val var’s decoloring powder with nine percent potent oxidant. The shape you see here represents the front of the head. So assume that I have separated the hair until the back of the head. I’ve specified the ears and the front of the head in the drawing here. Since for this type of highlight we tend to separate the hair and highlight them in the form of semicircles or crescents, the client might prefer not to have a whole layer of her hair highlighted in the front. Therefore, it’s better if we separate this layer in the front based on what the client prefers. We can just leave it without a highlight, or we can separate three or four sections of the hair and only wrap those in the foil to apply our highlight.

We start to separate the next layer in a semicircle. When I separate the hair in a semicircle, I wrap a thin layer of hair inside my foil. Therefore, we will bleach this thin layer of hair here. We have to bleach about half the layer we separated. Now for the next layer, let us bleach the other half of the layer thoroughly starting from the left instead of the right side. Then it’s one layer from the right and one layer from the left. We’ll do the same for the rest of the hair layers.

We can do the same for the hair layers on the back of the head but we can also do it the way we did for the first layer of hair in the front. This is because the hair in the back of the head is not as visible as the hair in the front. We will continue like this until all the layers are covered. I’ve separated a semicircle of hair. I’ll pick a thin section of hair off of this layer. Now let’s separate this section into two parts. I want to bleach one section of this hair from either the left or right and do the opposite for the section from the next layer.

I’ll apply my bleaching formula thoroughly to this section of the hair on the right. For the next layer, which I’ll separate in a semicircle, I’ll apply the formula to the left section instead of the right. I’ll use the white Val var decoloring powder because it won’t create foam and doesn’t have dust. You can use this powder to bleach the hair to a level 10. I’ll mix my formula with nine percent oxidant. I’ll separate another layer of hair in a semicircle. I bleached the section to the right for the previous layer and now I’ll bleach the one to the left.

I’ll continue like this until all the layers are covered. I’ll unwrap one of the foil wraps. As you can see, the hair is bleached to a level nine. This is without damaging the hair. You can see some strands of hair that are still not bleached and this is because of the synthetic hair on the model. Don’t pay attention to that. Let’s rinse the hair thoroughly and use Val var’s hair mask instead of a conditioner. A hair mask is better than a conditioner since it doesn’t affect the hair cuticles. Val var’s hair mask has high quality and will soften the hair without damaging it. Afterward, you can apply your dye.

We’ve bleached the hair to a level nine or ten. As you can see, the hair is not damaged at all. We’re going to dye the hair using a beige color which means a natural 9 or 9.0, 9.31, and 9.67. Therefore, whatever dye we want to use it should be based on the level of bleach you have for that hair. We’ll mix the formula with six percent oxidant. Since the majority of the mixture is the beige color, it will constitute one-half of the mixture. One-fourth of the mixture will be 9.31 or gray gold and one-third of the mix is our natural color. Let the dye remain on the head for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse the hair.

Our sample is done. We used our dye the way I explained before. We can use the same method behind the head and separate the hair in semicircles like those that we did in the front and wrap them in foil. Our tutorial is over. I hope it’s been useful. Until next time, goodbye.

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