Ombre Dye Restoration Overview

In this brief video, you can see an Ombre dye restoration process in action. This video was provided by Mrs. Anousha Shafi’e.


The hair you see here has gone through and Ombre dye before but using the wrong method and the highlights have made a line on the hair. There’s also traces of decolored hair at the stem. We're going to use Val var material for this restoration. I’ll come back to show you the results.

To repeat the process, I’m using Val var’s blue decoloring powder and oxidant No. 1 from the same brand. Let’s check the hair to see which level of bleach we’ve reached. Let’s unwrap one of the foils. We can see that the hair is almost at a level 7 bleach. Let’s repeat the process using the blue decoloring powder and show you the result.

I’ve unwrapped the foils and used a tissue to clean the product off the hair until the rest of the hair reaches the same level of bleach. I showed you this same hair at the beginning of the video. We’ve bleached the hair white without damaging it. I’m waiting for the rest of the hair to reach the same level and then we can continue the rest of the process.

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