How To: Plain Make-Up

In this tutorial, we have recommended one of the most popular GRIMAS cake make-up colours. First apply the GRIMAS under make-up to create a foundation for the cake. This product is applicable to all types of skin including normal and dry skins.

It is suggested that a 10-minute pause after the applying the under make-up can help to achieve a better absorption. Then spread the cake make-up on the face. Make the GRIMAS pad damp with water and message it all over the face skin.

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Today I'm going to recommend to you one of the most popular GRIMAS Cake Make-up colours. First of all, apply the under make-up as a primer on a cleansed face. Under Make-Up is a fabulous moisturizer which hydrates all types of skin specially the normal and dry ones. It is used to make a foundation for the cake make-up. A 10-minute waiting is enough for it to be thoroughly absorbed. make the GRIMAS pad ( circle or square shaped ) damp with water. and apply the cake make-up by dabbing the pad all over the face. For areas around the eyes, we will use the amount of material left on the pad. so that the cream powder around the eyes looks thinner. once the cake make-up is dried, you better polish the cream powder with the dry side of the pad. to make it more even and uniform. The B2 cake make-up is beige in colour and is suitable for all types of skin. It has a normal colour intensity and is a wonderful choice for days and nights make-up.

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