How To: Easy Bangs Haircut

In this tutorial, you will learn a fashionable, but easy-to-do haircut style. During the following video, you will learn how to:
Separate hair sections
Straighten the strands
Hold the scissors properly in hands
Hold the scissors at the correct angle
Comb the hair to be smooth
Use the hair conditioner.
Additionally, it provides useful tips for trimming and cutting hair.


Hello to every one of you followers of Rojelab website, Today we're gonna teach you an easy haircut. separate a triangular section in the front. make sure that both triangle sides are parallel to the brow tail so that the bangs are neatly trimmed. comb the section well, pull it downwards and start cutting in the middle. straighten the section again with the comb and thin out the section ends to be neat. Then, divide the into two sections and start trimming from each section nearer to the forehead top corner. add further layers to trim the ends. Then, go over the other section and start cutting in the middle just like the previous one. separate several layers, pull upwards and trim a few extra strands. the crucial point in this style is trimming the hair on either sides to get it easily shaped. after trimming, apply some hair conditioner. and start blow drying the bangs to be smooth and uniform. For this model, the whole bangs is swept to one side in an angled position. therefore it's essential for the hair ends to be neat and uniform. thanks for watching the full video.

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