How To: New Layered Haircut

In this popular haircut, it does matter at which angle the hair layers and the fingers are held. During this tutorial you will learn how to position your hand and the scissors while trimming so that the best possible result can be achieved. Furthermore, you will become familiar with a scissoring technique using which the hair ends are thoroughly smoothed out without getting too short in length.


Greetings to all of you followers of Rojelab Website. Today we're gonna show you a new haircut item. first comb the hair well, then make the necessary partings across the head. after completing each part, we'll braid it so that it won't get mixed up with the other sections. you see the full procedure for sectioning the hair. as you can see, we grab a section in the back and hold it perpendicular to head, then start trimming. grab another section and start trimming just like the previous one, then move on to the sides taking small sections to trim. keep grabbing and trimming sections until you reach near the ears. take a close look at how the sections are held at hand as well as the fingers' angle. These are effective in achieving a great-looking haircut. a rather triangular shape will be formed in the back.

Normally there is more hair growing on the top of head which is said to have the highest concentration of hair. while the back part gradually becomes sparse and therefore has a less concentration. as you see, we've made a curved shape here. now let's go on to the right side of the head and begin trimming the sections there. For ease of working, hold your fingers perpendicular to the layer while trimming it. Then work your way up towards the centre trimming the sections just like you see here. If the fingers are held at a higher angle, it will be much more difficult to trim. as you see, this is how a layer is cut short in the back. use the tip of the scissors to smooth out the bottom, right above the nape. also for the layers on the top, hold them at 90 degree angle and start trimming. in this style, the hair is trimmed layer by layer which gives a layered effect to the hair.

The layers by the ears are not cut short. meaning that the hair is quite short in the back and is longer in the top parts. now go over the other side brush the layers towards the centre, then begin trimming. you can see now how angled the hair is at the ends. now apply some cream to the hair, then blow dry it. Then straighten the frizzes with a flat hair iron. We need to make sure the ends are completely smooth after the hair has dried. you can see how the hair is smoothed at the ends on the bottom and the sides. take a close look at the way the scissors are held at hand to do the trimming. using this method, the hair is ends are smoothed out while their main length is maintained. Then crimp the front sections using a flat curling iron. Thanks a lot for watching us, Good Luck.

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