How To: Medium Makeup On Dry Skin

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply a medium makeup of a face with some small irritations and defects. This video was provided by Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Institute. To join our classes, please contact us at or .


Greetings. For this tutorial today, I want to show you a style for medium makeups.

First, since the model’s skin is dry, I want to apply a primer serum across the skin. This serum shouldn’t be applied to areas where the skin is normal or oily. After applying your primer, it’s time to choose a suitable foundation for the makeup. We can use the same foundation material across the face.

After distributing your foundation across the face, you can start contouring techniques. I’ll apply the contour with attention to the natural structure and form of the face. Since the skin is dry, I’ll use an oily contouring cream. The color you choose for the contouring process is very important and here I’ve chosen a matt color. Choosing colder color tones can help us create a deeper contouring effect on the model’s face. This is more important because there are a few irritations or inflammations on the model’s face and colder color tones can help hide these small areas better.

For the next phase of the makeup, it’s important to use a soft fixing powder with a suitable color tone. The brush you use for this process must be very soft so touching the skin with material creates the least possible allergic or possible irritation for the client. This is important because the powder is very light and it creates dust, which can enter the nostrils or the eyes and cause irritation.

Now to move on to the eyes, choose the outer corner of the eye for your darker shades. This is part of an eye makeup technique where the outer edge of the eyes are darker and the shades get lighter as you move to the inside of the eyes. Based on the nature of the eyes I’ve used a light and shiny shadow for the inner part of the eyelids.

To add makeup to the eyebrows, first, apply a layer of eyebrow mascara. The color tone you choose for the eyebrow mascara must be based on the color of the makeup foundation, the color of the eyes, and the general style of makeup. After applying your eyebrow mascara, you can hachure the eyebrows using a thin brush to fill the sparse areas.

Now we want to attach our false lashes. Here I’m using individual false lashes. Keep in mind that to choose the right type of false lashes, you should choose based on the space between the eyes, type of makeup for the eyes, and the space between the eyes and eyebrows. Let’s apply our cheek blusher with regard to the natural anatomy of the face and makeup. Be careful not to flatten or ruin the effect of your contouring during this process.

For the lips, use your pen to draw on the lips and design the areas of the lips according to the anatomy of the face and distances on the face. We’ll use highlighting techniques to add volume to the lips and make them look plush and full which will give us a very good result.

Our tutorial is over. I hope to meet you all at our private, public classes and workshops over at Banoo Shafi’e. I wish you the best.

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