How To: Correct Use Of Bleaching Powders

In this tutorial, we bleach the hair to a level using Val var’s decoloring cream without damaging the hair. To order Val var products please contact us at 02188850226 and to join our classes, please contact us at 09375145783.


Greetings. I’m Anousha Shafi’e from Shaygan Shokooh institute. In this tutorial, I will explain the correct way to use a decoloring cream as well as introducing a new technique.

The technique I want to show you is not applicable using decoloring creams from other companies. This is since most other decoloring creams form bubbles during mixing and you can’t use this method.

Separate the hair in the back from the lowest part of the hair. If the neck is wide, you can separate this layer into two parts. If the neck is not too wide, separate this layer diagonally and start you Ombre highlight from the point the client prefers.

This is an open-air bleach and can’t bleach the hair to a very high level since you can’t re-apply the product again on the hair. This method is most suitable for a highlight and especially on darker hair, it won’t bleach the hair that much. Therefore, this method is suitable for women who want to have an Ombre highlight. We’ve already mixed our decoloring cream and organic oxidant and it’s been sitting for about five minutes. As you know, most decoloring creams start to form bubbles after a short time and will prevent us from using this bleaching process.

Since we used an organic decoloring cream, it will reduce the chance of damaging the hair. The decoloring cream will also prevent damage to the hair as I explained in previous videos. Therefore, if you want to bleach the hair to high levels, it’s always better to use organic oxidants to prevent damage. Now we can apply our mix to the area of the hair where we want to have our highlight. Massage the hair to get the product across it. You can apply the product higher if that’s what the client wants. You can also add the product to the sides of the hair layer in unison on both sides.

The key to having a beautiful highlight is to fade the line on the hair. If you leave the product on the hair in a direct line, it will make the result look ugly. Therefore make sure to fade the line using your hand and by massaging the hair. Separate another layer of hair. Remember that in this technique we will apply a highlight to all the lower parts of the hair layers and we don’t have any layers without highlight. Separate another layer, and since we are doing an open-air bleach,
We have to separate and arrange the layers in a way that they don’t mix with each and contaminate other layers.

Separate the layer into two smaller ones and apply the product to each of them separately. This will prevent the hair from touching other layers and smearing the product over them. Hold the hair to one side and apply the product. Apply the product to the area you want and massage the hair. You can even use color palettes instead of your hand. Massage the hair thoroughly to get the product across the hair deeper inside the layer. Use your brush to apply the product to the sides of the layer as well. Now use your hand or your brush to fade the product on the hair. You can use your brush, but I recommend massaging the hair with your hand to fade the product and hide the border. As you can see when I leave the hair aside, it doesn’t move around and does not touch the other layers of hair. I’ll do the same for the other side.

After adding the product to the other side, it won’t touch the other layers either. So far we’ve gone through two layers of hair, and for the third layer,
We have to add the product in a way that it doesn’t touch the other layers. You separate the layer into two parts and put one part here, and the other one here as you can see. Even if you don’t use foil or Meche, the layers won’t touch each other. The next layer is separated on the other side and again will not touch the other layers. As you can see, the third layer is separated in a way that it doesn’t touch the other layers as well.

Continue separating the layers the same way so the layers don’t touch each other. You can do the same for the bangs. Separate layers horizontally away from each other to make sure they don’t touch or cause spots on the hair. As you can see Val var decoloring cream did not create any type of foam on the hair whereas other decoloring creams would have definitely caused this issue and you’ll be in trouble when that happens. Val var is one of the best products available on the market today.

In this method, you can’t reapply your product to the hair again and hence, it’s impossible to reach high levels of bleach such as platinum blond hair. Therefore, after reaching the decoloring level, it’s better to apply a highlight for the client. Rinse all the hair layers and apply colors such as honey, beige, and bronze. Set the color to the hair accordingly and apply it layer by layer using six percent oxidant. After applying your dye rinse the hair again and use Val var’s hair conditioner. Make sure to apply a hair mask afterward, which will give you silky soft hair.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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