Learn Working With Lasers & Get Certified

In this brief video, you will learn more about classes and sessions available if you are looking to learn more about skincare, working with lasers, and other cosmetic equipment and techniques. This video was provided by Dr. Rezai. To join our classes or to book our services, please contact us at 02177801219 or 02144017715.


Greetings. I’m Dr. Rezai. I’m the administration at Behsima Beauty Clinic. Our classes on cosmetic skin care, hygienic care and laser usage, cosmetic equipment usage, and fitness are all available. You will receive a valid certificate upon graduating from our classes. These certificates enable you to operate cosmetic equipment and work as an assistant to a doctor.

We will cover topics such as skin recognition, common skin diseases, and different methods for skin rejuvenation, deep skin cleansing, moisturizing, and nutrition. We will also cover working with different equipment such as hydroderm, Microderm, and Meso needling. In addition, we will try to understand different skin lasers such as spot elimination laser, hair elimination lasers, rejuvenation lasers, and contraindications. Sessions on understanding and correct use of different fitness equipment are also explained.

After going through each of these sessions, you will be able to take tests to get your valid certificate. We hope to see you all at our classes over at Behsima Beauty Clinic.

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