How To: Using Aloe Vera Gel Mask

If you’re looking to learn how to use Aloe Vera on your skin, please stay with us throughout this tutorial while we teach you how to make a facial mask using Aloe Vera extract.


Greetings. Today I want to tell you about an amazing and natural moisturizer. This moisturizer is great for dry skin like mine, and oily skin, because of its oilless moisturizing effect. I’m talking about Aloe Vera.

I’m sure you’ve all seen and maybe even used these Aloe Vera leaves on the market and know how effective and beneficial they are for skin and hair. Today I want to use this leaf to make a mask. I’m going to use the gel inside the leaf and some coconut oil. Coconut oil is also easily available on the market.

You don’t even have to use all the Aloe Vera leaf. You can cut as much as you want, use the gel inside and then wrap the rest in a paper and put it in the fridge. This way the leaf can last up to a whole week. You take it out each time and extract the gel you need. I will show you how to extract the gel, then you have to put the gel in a mixer and mix it until you get a foamy produce. You have to mix the foam with a teaspoon of coconut oil and apply it to your skin. I will do this and come back.

I mixed my Aloe Vera extract in the mixer. The result is a white foam as you can see here. I’ve added some coconut oil and mixed it again. Now I want to apply it to my skin. I’ve washed my face clean beforehand and now I want to apply the mask.

Apply it all across your face other than around the eyes. I’ve applied the mask across my face. I would like to let the mask remain on my face for twenty to thirty minutes until it’s dry, before washing my face with cold water. I’ve washed my face using cold water. You can see my face looks healthy and fresh.

I hope you always use Aloe Vera masks for your skin and hair. Later I will teach you many good Aloe Vera masks for you hair. I forgot to tell you how great Aloe Vera is for sunburns. If you ever have a sunburn, use a bit of Aloe Vera extract on your skin and let it remain for thirty to forty minutes before washing your face with cold water.

I hope you enjoyed this video.Until next time, goodbye.

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