How To: Homemade Anti Acne Mask

If you’re looking for a homemade mask to reduce acne or boils, don’t miss this tutorial from


Greetings. I’m Dorsa from Today I’m here with a tutorial on a great homemade mask to dry boil or rash. This mask is made using orange juice.

As you all know, orange contains large amounts of vitamin C. The acidic substances in orange juice will help dry your boils. I’ve never used this mask before. I’ll use it here and we’ll see the results. For this mask, you’re going to need an orange that we’re going to extract the juice from. Some corn flour and coconut oil. If you don’t have coconut oil, you could just use olive oil, but it’s better to use coconut oil.

Now let’s extract some of the orange juice into our bowl. This mask is not pasty and it’s mostly diluted. That’s why I rather use a pad to apply it to my face. Let’s add some coconut oil. Now let’s add one spoon full of corn flour. Let’s mix our ingredients and make sure the flour is thoroughly mixed and the material is level. What you get is something like this. It’s very diluted. It shouldn’t be harder than this. If you add more corn flour, it will get harder.

I want to apply the mask. Since it’s too runny, I’m going to use a pad. Apply it across the face except under the eyes. After you’ve applied the mask on your face, wait ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it off. I’ve washed my face. I feel like my skin is a little tight right now since my skin is dry.

This mask can be perfect for those of you with acne or boils. It will dry and reduce the boils and acne on your face after a while. You don’t need to let this mask remain on your face more than ten to fifteen minutes. You can wash your face after that time. Because of the acidic substances in orange juice, it might burn your skin at first a little, but it’s nothing to worry about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.Until next time, goodbye.

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